Monday, March 29, 2010

My son Austin is a brain

Austin has done something that I have NEVER done in my schooling career.... earned a 4.0 GPA in a term.

Last quarter he was struggling, mostly with getting organized and staying on top of his assignments. This quarter, I helped him by keeping a very close eye on his assignments and reminding him when he even got behind one step. It paid off, and he is so happy. I think his days of not caring and getting lazy scholastically are over.

I'm proud of that young man!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning

As I was heading in to swim a couple morning's ago I noticed a nicely colored sunrise going around the corner at the end of Bluff Road and turning onto Gentile at the bottom end of Syracuse.

From Panoramas

Everytime I see a red sunrise I remember a disney movie where a couple guys tried driving around the world. The saying "Red sky in morning, sailor take warning" came to my mind. Sure enough that afternoon it rained like crazy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My favorite Little House Episode - Albert is on drugs

Yesterday when I got home from work the TV was on while Cathi was cooking dinner. I noticed immediately that my favorite Little House on the Prairie episode was on. It's the one where Albert is addicted to Morphine.

He beats up a kid in school, hits his teacher, runs away and tries to steal more drugs from Doc Baker. But Doc Baker and Charles are too smart and trap him. Then Charles takes him up to a remote cabin. Then the fun really begins.

Albert goes through some withdrawals like seizures while he lies there screaming for help. Charles looks like he's going through the same amount of pain himself. They both scream and hug real tight. Then Albert claims to need some air so he can breath, or he'll die. Charles helps him outside when Albert pushes Charles down and runs off in the night. Charles catches him and carries him back to "rehab".

Then Albert goes through more seizures and screaming. It's hilarious. The acting is fantastic. It's so dramatic. Cathi hates it. Albert throws up white goo all over Charles and it's great.

But Cathi has had too much drama and makes me turn it off.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Fingerprint gun

Last night I had a dream of this invention, that I thought was pretty cool. The last time I thought of a cool invention, it didn't get too many raves: A clear see through toilet for locating clogs.

It took me two hours to get back to sleep cause I was thinking about some details of implementing it. But I have no background in firearms, or in fingerprint identification software.

Anyway, it looks like someone else already thought of it. Sure would be nice if this was something out on the market. My biggest reason for NOT buying a handgun is that it could get into the wrong hands, but with the fingerprint scanner on the gun itself, that would eliminate any disasters.

Cops would love this cause it would prevent someone taking their gun and using on anyone else. It would also help in solving murders. It would help with little kids finding a gun and using it accidentally to kill their friends or themselves. Also if the gun was more digital in that for every round fired, it left a digital fingerprint on the casing and slug, logged the time it was fired, the direction it went and the fingerprint used to fire it. All this info uploaded automatically (the gun would also need to have wireless service integrated into it) to a server instead of on a chip on the gun, which could be hidden or destroyed. Also when the gun is fired without calling a service number, then the service center that logs the firing of the gun, would call 911 which would include the location of the gun and all the other data.

The cost of the gun would probably be 2 - 3 times what a normal handgun would be, but would have so many protections built in, that it would be worth it.