Thursday, January 7, 2016

Kroger - selling drugs and then leaving the addicts high and dry

Update:  I've found that this is supplied at a few Smith's stores, but not all.  So I'm buying them out whenever I visit and stockpiling this.  I know, I'm nuts.

So I've been buying literally dozens of boxes of this energy drink over the past year.  I've tried several different flavors and brands, and after finding one that is just perfect.  I used to clean out various stores of their inventory as I'd stockpile this flavor.  I especially like this drink because it keeps me awake in the morning.  Getting up at 3-4am to swim and then go to work requires a pick me up, and being Mormon, I can't exactly start drinking coffee, except I might as well with the amount of caffeine this stuff packed.

I've gone to 6 different Smiths stores in the valley, and none of them have it.  I called and talked to a Smith's buyer and it's confirmed.  They are officially discontinuing this product. This is probably the last unopened box in the state.

I've tried to find an alternative similar to it, and can't find anything. Typically Kroger brand is some knock off of another more expensive brand.  Not so in this case.

Don't know whether to save this for the day when predatory aliens arrive, or to save it and sell it on Ebay for hundreds a year from now, or what.

I want to cry....

UPC: 01111084567