Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cathi's Bear Lake Marathon and the weekend at the cabin

This last weekend Jacob and Lucy went to youth conference up in Island Park while Cathi and the rest of us went up to the cabin and Mom ran her 108th marathon at Bear Lake.  We did a lot of playing.  I had a noodle light saber battle.  I was able to lure Oliver to the dark side so it was me and him against the Jedi group of Sam, Isaac and Jonas.  They were ruthless and tried to take me down like a pack of wolves, but Oliver had my back and we were semi-victorious!

Oliver and Mom enjoying the beauty of the cabin landscape.

Jonas in front of the huge rock wall in front of the cabin.

The boys prompt a Jedi Vs. Sith lightsaber battle.

They were ruthless but somehow I convinced Oliver to join the dark side and I had an ally!

Here I'm being overtaken by Master Sam while my apprentice Oliver attempts to save his Sith Father. Isaac, I guess is using the force to heal his eye that popped out during a recent lightsaber battle that he lost.
Final pose after conceding defeat.

Oliver runs with Mom at Bear Lake Marathon for mile 19

Mom nearing the finish line in Laketown.

Yeah Mom!

108th marathon complete!

Boys will be boys.

The muscular marvel Jonas!

It wouldn't be a cabin visit without a cold water challenge.  Go Sam!

Where's my $1  says Sam.

Oliver has no body fat, so this is tougher for him than the normal human.