Thursday, September 3, 2015

Good clean fun

I went undefeated against all my competitors.  The boys
were always on my tail though.
Last Saturday the South Davis Masters team
which I help coach had their end of summer party. They've held this party every year for many years, but this was my first time attending.  I heard it was a great party for families and since Cathi didn't have a marathon (she's cutting back this year to go to all of Isaac's football games) we were in town to be able to go.

They setup an big inflatable platform called a "Wibbit".  That looked fun, but it wasn't until I had raced Sam that I realized how fun it really was.  It was wobbly in the water and it's basically a 60 foot inflatable obstacle course on the water.  I raced all the kids and even one of my friends on the team.  I played along acting like I was pretending to be competitive about it.  But secretly, I kinda was.
Trying to mess up Jonas by "rocking the boat" as I cross the cliff

Isaac had a great game earlier in the day.  He's had two games now and both games were a complete shut out.  34-0 or something like that.  He's pretty big for his age, but not so much that he's an "X man".  They tape a big "X" on the helmet of the real big kids.  Each team is only allotted so many "X" men which are typically lineman.
Isaac gets a good start while Sam tries to catch him.

Isaac (#27) cuts off the tackle on his right side so Jackson,
the running back can merge to his left for some big yardage.
This last week we've gone through the consultations on solar power with a company.  I did some research the past few months and long story short, yesterday we made the leap of faith and have started the process for engineering, permitting and installation.  This past month we had to pay over $250 in electricity to Rocky Mountain Power.  Granted its the peak of the year for us, but based on the arrays we have planned next year this time assuming the same usage, our bill is expected to be less than $10.  It's pretty sweet technology that I've had my eye on for many years.  But with the fantastic incentives that Demandware has offered, and the State and Federal government rebates available, it's finally possible and I'm excited to see that energy independence come to pass.

This next week for Labor Day a group of friends and I are swimming a relay across the length of Bear Lake. It'll be fun to do this as a relay which I've never done before.  Less stressful, and more fun than I've had before I expect.