Monday, May 7, 2012

Sam's donut

On the way home from work Friday I picked up a huge Bowman's Donut and Sam loved it!  He could only eat 1/4 of it and then shared with his brothers.  What a good boy.  Life is good!

Cathi also ran a good marathon on Saturday.  She ran Provo Marathon and ran it in 4:02!  She was very pleased and I love it when she gets close to 4 hours.  Truly an athletic woman!

On Sunday Sam bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting.  He's so brave.  He's naturally shy like me, so things like that are hard, but I was right there to give him a little help and encouragement.

Work is going really good too.  I'm really busy and working on stuff that I feel very invested in and interested in.  So right now, life is going really well.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sam is 100%

This week Sam went back to school.  Cathi took him to the front of the class and explained a little about where Sam has been and explained that while Sam still has red eyes, Stephens Johnson Syndrome is never contagious and they can't get sick at all by being near him.

The kids have been very kind to him and he has had a wonderful week back to normal life!  On Wednesday Grandma and Grandpa Low took us all to Golden Corral and it was such a joy to see Sam eating to his delight!  He has had such fun playing games and watching videos on his new laptop.  But
most of all, he has really enjoyed being back home with his brothers.

We are so grateful that he's in our family.   This experience has drawn us closer as a a family and made us more thoughtful about how each member is such a vital part of the family.