Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Assigning Ctrl + Shift + D to display a value of a variable within Eclipse when debugging

I recently took a fellow developer's version of eclipse which included all the necessary plugins for our project (rather than manually add these plugins myself).  I noticed afterwards that I was no longer able to hit Ctrl + Shift + D to display a value when debugging.

This is easily configurable and can be fixed by:

  1. From your Eclipse menu, select Window -> Preferences 
  2. Under General -> Keys
  3. In the type filter text field at the top enter "Display".  You should see one or two already there.  
  4. Select the first one, and set the When value to "Debugging Java" and make sure the binding is "Ctrl+Shift+D"

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last night's vision

This morning when I awoke I remembered a dream I had.

I dreamt that I was able to visit an alternate reality.  I found myself suddenly sitting next to Cathi at a funeral. She was sitting next to a skinny guy with long greasy black hair with streaks of grey, and a beard.  Cathi was different.  She was heavier and had much shorter hair.  She looked sad.  Not because of the funeral, but she didn't look happy.  I was able to feel that her life wasn't as fulfilling as the one I know in this reality.

I began to talk to her and she didn't know who I was.  I whispered for her to please come with me into the hall and talk with me for a minute.  I don't know why she trusted me enough to do that, but when in the hall I began to explain to her that she needed to join me in my reality.  That in my reality she had seven young kids, we had a happy and fulfilling life together, that she was an athlete and beautiful mother.

Then I woke up, thanks to our early alarms.  We both were getting up to start our exercise for the day, and I started to share the dream with her.  It really made me so grateful for my blessings.  It made me kind of sentimental all morning during my swim.  I came up with this poem in my mind: