Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bad Boys wear beanies too

Lucy misplaced her beanie which Cathi got her from Jen Ralphs. After church I found it and put it on and it was very comfortable. I got quite a few comments from those smart-alec kids throughout the afternoon. Cathi took a picture and I was thinking about buying a bunch of them and marketing them as "Bad Boyz Beenies" I kind of like it.

Seriously though - some cool hats.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My new PG-13 boycott

I'm a huge Star Trek New Generation fan. I noticed that there is a new Star Trek (original) movie coming out next summer. I saw the trailer and was pretty excited about it until I saw a half second bedroom shot and that made me so mad! Why do movie and TV writers need to sexualize every show!! Why can't they just leave that crap for the real bad movies? What does sex have to do with space exploration? Nothing! Granted the original Star Trek TV show was itself poorly written with James Kirk being a total womanizer, but C'Mon!

I've decided I'm done with PG-13 movies. Cause even if the movie has great story/action, etc, they have almost always got some stupid sex scene in it and I've totally had it supporting that kind of crappy "filler" in a movie where it doesn't belong. I challenge you to join me in my boycott of PG-13 movies, especially if there is any hint of "suggestive" or "adult" content in it. In fact I'm going through my collection and chucking anything that has that crap in it.

The other day I came home and Austin was watching "Balls of Fury". I got really mad at him for that. But I have nobody to blame but myself for having that crap in my house. I like ping pong, but that movie was a total disgrace to the sport. I know its all in jest and its supposed to be funny, but it wasn't. I'm pissed off. All of my PG-13 movies are going in the garbage. That will probably clean out about 75% of my collection.

Taking a stand! Not that I'm expecting it to have any affect on movie makers, but at least it will make a difference in the level of wholesomeness of entertainment in my house. Too much crap right now.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Two surprises at the Swim Meet

Last Saturday I participated in the SDRC masters swim meet (Click here for details). There were two main surprises:

  1. Alistair Cockburn - I've seen this guy once at Tomax. He is a friend of Jeff Patton's. Alistair is a world renowned Agile Development professional. He has written several books and is an expert in the field of Software Development Project workflow. Stuff that goes WAY over my head. Anyhow I found this page last week which at first I thought, "Nah, maybe its a different Alistair." But that is a unique name and sure enough he showed up at the meet and kicked butt. I had no idea he was that old. I thought he was the same age as Jeff and I (late thirties or something). He's really fast, and not just for an old guy, just plain fast.

  2. I saw Sarah Bowman from Ricks College and noted her married name is now Sarah Hansen. I should have said hello, but I was shocked to see her. I saw her in St. George once at the Marathon down there and didn't say hello, and I didn't say hello this time either. It's not like we're enemies or anything. I could have said "Hi", but I'm a chicken liver and a social moron. It's not like saying Hi to an old crush is really flirting or anything. Next time.

I was very pleased with my results. Cathi did good too. But she isn't as concerned about swimming as I am. She's focused on running right now. She is going down to Nevada to the Valley of Fire Marathon next Saturday and hopes to go to a couple more marathon's before next spring's Boston Marathon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Date with Lucy

I took Lucy about three years ago to Disney's Princess On Ice and she loved it. Last night I took her to Disney on Ice. It was fun to have a one on one date with my only daughter. She sometimes gets left out of connecting with Dad cause she's not into table tennis, lifting, or swimming laps like the boys are. So this was a great opportunity to be together.

We parked at my work and walked over. Based on the Princess on Ice show several years ago I knew the Disney vendors would be mad at work trying to get me to spend over 100% markup on their goods being sold at the event, so the day before I went to Wal-mart and picked up two small Disney items: A light up princess wand and a fake princess cell-phone. I presented them to her at the beginning of our walk and she was on cloud nine. I had to keep her from skipping the whole way there.

I did pay for a program though. I do like those cause they're big, full colored pictures of the thing so she can take it home and it can be looked at over and over. She still has the princess one floating around somewhere at home. I also let her take the camera for pictures that she thought would be good to take.

I saw Andrew from a distance walking over there with his wife and daughters, but when we got there, there number of people in the stands made it impossible to spot him.

During the Mulan portion of the show, Mulan reenacted the shooting of the rocket to cause an avalanche. To represent the snow, a big white sheet came down from the rafters and several skaters grabbed it and moved it over the big group of Hun armies. Lucy leaned over and said pathetically, "Is that the best they can do?". I had to laugh. She's turning into cynical Dad. Oh well. After we walked back to Tomax and then we went out for some dinner. She got to choose any restaurant, and she chose KFC.

KFC? Ugh. Could have been worse I guess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cathi's Marriage Survey

Hi there family and friends! Cathi here. I'm preparing a lesson on marriage this Sunday and have a very short three question survey I'd like you to fill out if you would take a quick minute. It's an anonymous survey. Click Here to take survey

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

Love Cathi

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Isaac's Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Yesterday we went to the Chuck E Cheese in Layton. He invited Rachel, Ethan and Gentry too. We got there early so it wasn't so crowded, but as the day went on it was insane! We had 200 tokens and they went fast!

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