Friday, December 28, 2007

Spectator and player etiquette for Table Tennis Tournaments

If I were the one to define a proper standard it would be this:

  1. Player Etiquette

    • What's up with the fist making and the grunts? Shutup and keep your celebrations internal. It's borderline taunting.

    • If you are warming up and you notice someone with a clipboard attempting to start a round at that table, stop your play and leave.

    • Keep your coaching to a minimum. Anything longer than a minute is stalling, and any major adjustments that you aren't used to will just mess you up anyway.

    • Keep the profanity under your breath or in your head. No need to spew offensive language at a family event.

    • Feel free to compliment your opponent on a great shot

    • Shake hands when the match is completed.

    • Say the score aloud every time you serve.

    • Be a good sport. If you don't look like you're having fun then it probably isn't.

  2. Spectator Etiquette

    • Clap for your player when they make a good shot, not when the other guy simply messes up.

I'm sure I'll remember a few more and add to this list. Send me you're own thoughts and I'll add them to the list.

Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 U.S. Nationals Tournament Results

Tuesday - Cathi picked me up at work at noon and we drove down to Circus, Circus in Las Vegas. We stayed in a nice room with two queen beds. We went to the buffet and was sorely disappointed. The food wasn't that good, and the price was terrible. ($13 per person regardless of age) Jacob was grossing me out. He had his plate literally piled up with unshelled shrimp. I've deshelled and eaten shrimp before, but not 2 dozen! He was acting like a caveman on the beach. Almost 1/4 of our entire trip budget was wasted on the Circus Circus buffet, but you have to live and learn!

Wednesday - We went to the Las Vegas Convention Center for my 1400 and Under Event. The kids were lively and even Cathi was excited. The kids started running down the huge hall that barely had anyone in it. We saw a security guy with a dog. The dog perked up when it saw the kids and Cathi running (I'm too boring to run for fun). The security guard yelled out "No Running". I wasn't sure if that was because he didn't want his dog to be distracted, or there really is a no running rule like at a swimming pool. I yelled out to Cathi, "No having fun Cath!". There were only three people in my bracket. I won one and lost one. DIDN'T ADVANCE

Thurdsday - After yesterday's event we checked in to the Wyndham Grand Desert Hotel. We were in the presidential suite thanks to Dad and sharing his time share points. The place had three bedrooms a nice kitchen, two bathrooms and a TV in every room. It was funny to hear three TV's in the house all watching Sponge Bob on the same channel with each kid in his own bed. On Thursday Cathi stayed in the hotel with Jacob and Jonas while I took Lucy and Austin. I had the 1600 and Under event and lost all three. I was ticked cause I could have one the last one. I was up 2-0 against this 8 year old chinese kid. I wasn't able to execute and he came back three games in a row. The thing that annoys me is that whenever the kid got a point (whether he earned it, or from a major screw up I made) about 20 people clapped on the sidelines. But when I gave an "in your face" slam on the kid, dead silence. I didn't perceive that I was coming across as the bad guy. I complemented every single player while they were playing on the great shots they made. In fact on the last point with that 8 year old chinese kid I was smiling and laughing because of the huge following he had, and I had none. Lucy was off playing and Austin was somewhere in the huge complex drilling and getting coached by somebody I didn't even know.
But I wasn't overly depressed about the loss, just disappointed.

Friday - Today Austin, Jacob and I played at the same time at 9:00 am. Austin and Jacob played in their 1000 and Under Event and I in the 1500 and Under Event. I couldn't locate my paddle so in a panic I went to one of the booths and bought a $10 yasaka piece of crap. Fortunately the first guy I played wasn't very good and I beat him 3-0 with it. After that match I ran over to see how the other boys were doing. Jacob lost but wast bouncing around as usual. Austin won his match and was happy. I told Austin about my predicament and he said "Dad your paddle is in my bag!". I was upset that he took my paddle out of my bag and put it in his, I told him "You're lucky I wont the match anyway or I would tan your hide." The next guy I played I beat 3-1. The last guy was the top seed guy for our bracket and he beat me 3-0. Austin lost to the top seed in his bracket too. Jacob lost all his games.

Saturday - I played in the 1700 and Under Event. But two of the four didn't show up so I only played one guy. He beat me 3-0 and the tournament was over for me. Austin and Jacob played in the 14 and Under and the 10 and Under events. These were both single elimination events from the start and both of them lost. Austin cried and cried. The entire tournament he would struggle as soon as he was down 4 or 5 points. He would start to get angry and then pout, and then cry. I kept telling him, relax, have fun, don't give in to the dark side, etc... He accused me of being a terrible coach and not telling him how to counter the loops and chops he was getting. I said, Austin as soon as you get control of your emotions, then I'll try to help you with your technical approach. If he can't relax and have fun, then he's missing the point.

In Summary:
Austin - 2 wins, 4 losses
Jacob - 0 wins, 3 losses
Gordon - 3 wins, 6 losses

The actual number of points that we will lose won't be discovered for a few weeks at

We all had fun (especially doing non table tennis activities) and enjoyed the vacation.

Sunday - Saturday evening we drove to St. George. We wanted to drive all the way home, but Orbitz wouldn't let us cancel our hotel in St. George without paying for it ($60) so we decided to not waste it and rest in the Americas Best Inn. We went to church at 9:00 am at the Red Hills Chapel (St George 3rd Ward). Since it was the Sunday before Christmas it was 75% singing. After sacrament meeting we drove home and picked up the kids and went home. We learned that the Low family Christmas party was cancelled because Gransie had pneumonia and wasn't doing very well. The kids helped us unpack and we gave them a bath and put them to bed. Cathi and I started wrapping presents like crazy and Cathi got a call from Kris. Gransie had passed away.

We knew that she had wanted to go. The past couple visits I had with her she was not happy about living. I'm sure she is much happier and liberated where she is. We'll miss her sweetness, but know she is enjoying the company of many who are on the other side that we love.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chris Isaac going Heavy

No he isn't gonna be on biggest loser. I recently found a song of his that was redone by a Heavy Metal group HIM. Wicked Game - That song was one of my favorites back in the day when I was at Ricks and life was so different. The cover of this song is great I thought. Vocals and right on and the guitar blend is perfect. If you're using IE and you can't play the mp3 - use firefox! IE sucks and you should have realized that by now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Singles 2nd Ward

I preordered the Singles 2nd Ward and it came yesterday. After my swim with Cathi and Jacob I popped the movie in and and watched it with Austin and Jacob.
I expected it to be as silly and stupid as other of Kurt Hale's other films. This wasn't his best movie. Church Ball is his worst in my opinion. This one was just above that. At least I didn't fall asleep even though it was almost midnight.

Admittedly I did laugh probably 12 times (which is about double what I did with Church Ball). I thought Kirby Heyborne and Will Swenson did a good job acting and it seemed natural. The main actress didn't do so well. She's pretty, but her acting wasn't as good. One thing that has got to go....Private dialog between the main character and the viewer. That is so lame.

So I wouldn't suggest buying this movie. If you want to borrow it and watch it for free, that would be more appropriate. Kurt Hale's style has got to change. I'm done buying his movies cause they're all the same.

However I will definitely give Pirates of the Great Salt Lake a chance when it comes out on DVD. That one looks promising and it is written and directed by a newbie which is refreshing!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cathi's "Music to my Ears" Christmas Concert

Here is the full 17 minute video (70 MB) of Cathi's concert we did yesterday. I'm definitely not the best accompanist there ever was! At least it was a dozen old people instead of Carnegie Hall.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It is done

************ W A R N I N G ************ Contains Graphic material

Went in on Friday for my "procedure" and it was worse than I thought it was gonna be. He gave me two shots of local anesthetic and immediately went to work. One of the shots wasn't very effective as I felt an intense sting and pressure as he was cutting away at my left vas deferens. The second side was fine, but it felt like he was digging around trying to find it and none too gently.

Cathi was right there a couple feet from the doctor sitting down watching everything he was doing. I wasn't in pain, but not really enjoying the moment to joke around. I was going to joke around and say "Hey Cath, it feels like my 'inards' are on my 'outards'!" Overall it was only about 20 minutes or so and afterwards was feeling fine. It took a couple of days to get past the point of needing ice or ibuprofen. Feeling fine now, just need to keep my guys close and tucked in nicely. Still black and blue though. Should be good enough to swim tomorrow.

We had a great time at the cabin. We played lots of games and watched a bunch of movies and it snowed about 6 inches. Enough to make me worry about getting out even with snow tires. But we got out just fine.