Thursday, August 19, 2010

The sexiest crossing guard in the world

It really should be illegal to have crossing guards that make men turn their heads when they're driving down the road.  Kids could get ran over!  My wife decided she wanted a little extra cash so she got a job helping kids cross the street before and after school.  Only 1.5 hours per day, and she likes to get outside and smile at the kids.  She's such a friendly woman.
One of my favorite pictures.  I love kissing Cathi!

So today is our 16th anniversary being happily married.  Every year I seem to love her more and more.  I love doing her hair on Sunday morning.  I take about 25 minutes to use a hot straightening tool to make her look super foxy.  The cool thing is that it lasts all week long!  Bad thing is, she gets lots of comments from ladies, "I love your hair! Who does it?"  This is bad for two reasons.  First,  If ladies are commenting, you KNOW men are also going, "Woah, check out Sister Gridley!  Hubba Hubba!".

Second bad thing is, I'm starting to get a reputation in the neighborhood for being a hairdresser.  I'm starting to talk with a lisp now and sit with my legs crossed and get junk mail from beauty colleges. J/K.

Anyhow, I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful woman.  She works hard around the house.  Does laundry EVERY WEEK and doesn't let it build up.  She doesn't demand that I hoot and holler when she does her part keeping the house in order.  She's very loving to the children and to me.  I just don't get what I did to get such a wonderful mate.  Seriously, I hit the super jackpot!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The league of ignorant and assembly of indifferent

This particular "vent" post has been deleted to avoid being interpreted as a personal attack upon people who shouldn't feel like that.

Bottom line - this post was about how to be better about sincerely communicating with people we love and care about.  Everybody can improve in this area, especially myself.  So if you were one of the few who had a chance to read this original post, please excuse my "poor me" attitude.

I was in a particular pissy mood this morning and took it out inappropriately in this post and wouldn't want certain parties to take it personal and get their feelings hurt.  Hopefully I can improve my own actions in this area too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time for a haircut

You know it's time to cut the kids hair when they wake up and look like a munchkin from Wizard of Oz.

Oliver just woke up and was a good sport as Jacob took several pictures of him and his cool do.

And then Mom couldn't resist giving him a few kisses

Looks like we'll be giving haircuts tomorrow after FHE.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Leia meets Chewbacca

My princess over the past several months has been on a quest to find Chewbacca. Sometimes I'd go into my office and find her looking at pictures of St. Bernards. I'd tell her, "No Way woman!" I was at the time only thinking of the massive dog turds in the back, or clumps of dog hair floating gently in the air throughout our house.

I told her to quit looking. "It's like looking at porn Cathi! It's something you're never gonna get!" But she persisted and her hunger only grew. Over time my resistance to her intensifying desire started to breakdown. She did her homework and finally found one that had just the right background, and being sold at just the right price and she nabbed him.

We went out together to Tooele to get "Max", our new St. Bernard. He's two years old and HUGE! No lie, It's like having a four-legged Chewbacca in our house! Cathi just loves him to death. She seriously hasn't stopped smiling since yesterday morning. It's funny to see Cathi cuddle up and hug this monster of a dog. He's so gentle. He's fantastic with the kids, and with other animals.

We took him on a walk yesterday and he met our friend's dog Maggie. Which he was fine with. He totally ignores the cat and the chickens in the back. The cat just about jumped and clung to the ceiling when she first saw him. I didn't think a cat's back could bend up that high. But now she just sits a few feet from him staring.

Cathi's dream has come true.  Already Max's favorite is Cathi.  If she leaves the room and everyone else is in there, he'll follow her.  I'm happy for her.  All the kids are jealous that he's picked her to be the Alpha female of the house.