Friday, May 28, 2010

I've lost my ring!

Yesterday while swimming out in the Bountiful Lake I lost my wedding ring. I'm sad about that. That water was so murky there was no way I would find it. Dang it!

I just hope that in a few hundred years a couple of hobbits who might find it while fishing there at Bountiful Lake, don't fight about it so viciously as these guys did.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

America screwed up

Biggest loser - So last night the guy I voted for was NOT picked to go to the finals of biggest loser. Koli did win the "At home" challenge of losing the most weight. A whopping 53% of bodyweight.

Mike, who started at 525 pounds did lose 50.1% of his bodyweight was the biggest loser as far as the game goes.

It's too bad though that the game allows the real biggest loser to not win the grand prize. The game has turned into survivor where you can vote people off, but isn't the game about losing weight, not gameplay?

I mean, if the biggest loser didn't lose the most percentage of body weight, he ISN'T the biggest loser. Let him have the big check, whatever, cause the show isn't about the money. It's about losing the weight. Give Mike the $250, but the biggest loser title IS Koli's.

Not to take away from Mike or anyone else on the show. They still lost a ton of weight. Good job to everyone on the show. My favorite was O'Neil. That guy had some fire!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicken butt!

Last night I could help but laugh when I heard my little Oliver on his last day of being a two year old ask his older Brother Jacob, "Guess What?" Jacob said "What?", Oliver then yells in his cute little two year old voice, "Chicken butt!". Then everyone laughs out loud together.

This morning I got up and got all dressed to ride my bike in to work. I topped off my tires and was about ready to clip in when I could hear Oliver inside. He was awake and crying, "I want my Dad!". Jacob was trying to calm him by turning on Sesame Street. Cathi had already left for a run and Oli wanted some love by one of his parents. So I went back in and exclaimed, "Happy Birthday big boy?" He smiled and I hurried into my work clothes and we went to Warren's for pancakes.
He was so happy. He chose the booth to sit in and we had a wonderful breakfast together. He got syrup all over his arms and shirt, and the shoes I put on him were Sams so they kept falling off.

So after breakfast we washed up in the restroom and went over to Walmart and got him a new outfit including shoes. He picked out some cool shoes and a nice Ironman shirt and shorts combo. Then we stopped by the toy aisle and he picked out a pack of cars that he took home and played with. What a fantastic morning. He was very happy and said "Thanks Dad". What a joy to be a Dad to these cute kids!

Here's Grandma Low's traditional Happy Birthday singing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First blog from ipod

Today I took Jacob's iPod to the apple store and they replaced it. The new one works fine. I thought I'd make a blog entry with it.
The typing interface will take some getting used to. I think I will get me one someday soon.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Running is in her genes

Cathi finished her 29th marathon yesterday. She did great. Anytime she gets under 4:00 is a good marathon. She got 3:47. A couple minutes from being another Boston Qualifier. Jacob also ran the half marathon. He was determined to get under 2:00. He got 1:58 and took first place for the 12 and Under category. When he puts his mind to something he fights to the finish! Plus it doesn't hurt that his Mom is a running machine.

I'm so proud of these two people in my life! Congratulations Cathi and Jacob. You guys did so good.
From Cathi's Marathons

Friday, May 7, 2010

Russell Hantz did NOT win Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

I read today that Russell Hantz was arrested for hitting some guy down to the ground at a festival in Louisiana.

Based on this I can infer that he did NOT win Survivor Heroes vs. Villains because to a guy with that big of a head, if he won, he wouldn't be frustrated. This tells me that he's having so much frustration with his outcome (and his life) that he has to resort to violence because he isn't happy.

Poor guy.

Can I just say I can't stand Russell Hantz? Survivor's biggest villain and fool. If he wanted to win, he'd win over a few people instead of make everyone on the jury hate him. It's not who makes it to the end alone. It's who makes it to the end and has enough people on the jury who will vote him as the sole survivor.

I would have thought he would have learned that the first time, when he lost to some girl that I can't even remember anymore.

Goodbye Facebook

So our Stake President who is probably the most inspiring speaker I've ever heard, mentioned last Saturday in a session of conference, the problems presented with Social Networking. He said, "I'm not telling everyone to get off of Facebook, I'm just saying, be careful." He went on to give examples of problems that people often stumble over with its use.

I decided that for me, I would just get off it. It really is a waste of time, and also encourages big egos. So I'm done. I'll still keep my blogs though as they are really a form of keeping a journal.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What do do when deploy fails in OC4J App Server

First of all, this post is WORK RELATED, and not intended for friends/family and is completely boring so feel free to hit "mark as read" now.....

I found NO help whatsoever in google for this issue, so I'm hoping that this post might help some other poor soul trying to figure it out.

Trevor tried deploying TomaxCMAdmin in 10gR3 OC4J App Server and kept getting this error:
"Operation failed with error: oracle.oc4j.admin.internal.DeployerException"

I was able to deploy the same war file to my standalone OC4J just fine. I compared settings, deleting the CMADMIN OC4J Instance and recreating it, but nothing worked. Then I asked the hero of the day: Sudhakar Pyndi, and he had an immediate answer. Man I really respect guys who have a photographic memory!

The fix for this error: "Operation failed with error: oracle.oc4j.admin.internal.DeployerException" is in the second page of the deployment in OC4J.

On the "Bind Web Module to Site" option, DO NOT select default-web-site. (I put it that way because that is how it is set in my standalone OC4J which does deploy properly). But in the OC4J App server, this needs to be set to null. Once I did that, it deployed properly and without errors.

Hoping that this helps someone else out there.