Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Stuff" [stuhf]

I've noticed this word being used more and more in my workplace. It is such a generic word, but has been used as a noun to describe source code or application functionality.

I'm starting to dislike the word. It has an informality about it that makes the "code or functionality" seem unimportant. It's not a pet peeve word, yet. I'd rather someone use the word "Stuff" than eat an apple at their desk.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sam turns Four

This morning I got up to swim and went to say goodbye to Cathi and saw Sam sleeping so soundly next to her. Then I realized, it's his birthday today! So I changed back out of my swimsuit and got ready for work. Then I woke him up got him dressed and we went to IHOP!
That kid was all smiles this morning. He had a silver five breakfast and got to pick out a toy from the front. (Those IHOP people sure are smart money makers) He chose a snake and had fun getting it to sneak up on me and bite me. He sure had a good morning and was very happy.

Whenever I'd ask him how old he was he wouldn't even think long. He's just say "8!" Wow, he must be excited to turn eight. We practiced the correct answer when he was asked, "4". By the time I got home he had learned the correct answer to that question.

He's very excited about tomorrow too. We're going camping for three days and two nights up in Albion. Tonight we have a big party for him. I love that boy. He's such a loving chunky kid.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newgy is a customer oriented company

I called Newgy today about getting a new Connector cable for my Newgy RoboPong 2040. The speed motor isn't working and I thought I'd try just replacing the cable to see if that fixes it. Otherwise I'll get the control box repaired.

I called Newgy and talked to Dana and explained my situation. She said, "Let's get this issue taken care of and if Drew or Roger (who are the techs) decide to try a new cable have them fax me the order and I'll take care of it."

Roger said to try the cable. But his suggestion was better, he said to go to Radio Shack and take the cable in to get a match and try it. If it works, great, otherwise, just take the cable back. He said to send in the control box and he would fix it.

I wasn't on hold more than 30 seconds and they weren't eager to get off the phone. They listened to my explanation without cutting me off and jumping to conclusions which is what I seem to get from other companies that I call for issues. I'm satisfied with Newgy's customer service.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kick butt refinancing made easy

So my table tennis buddy, Justin Smith came over a couple weeks ago and played a few games with Austin and me. Cathi (the social giant in our family) got some details about what he does for a living and he helps people with mortgages. I told him that we were thinking about refinancing as soon as we could get a full percentage point lower.

I told him we were on a 30 yr fixed for 5.625%. He said he could get a full percentage point now. So he ran some numbers. He said he could get us even down further to 4.375% for a 30 year fixed if we bought down the rate. We jumped on it and got the ball going including getting an appraisal, getting a bunch of documents emailed to him.

Within like 10 days or so, the underwriters had done all their homework and we went in to close a couple days ago. Justin was there to discuss any other questions we had at the time of closing. It went really smooth. We had the kids and they had toys for them to play with. Cathi said that was the easiest closing she's ever been to. Very painless, explained very well, done quickly, and we're saving over $300 a month. Plus we paid down our second mortgage by over $14K with this new loan, and within a year we'll have that paid off.

I was very impressed with the whole process and with the speed at which Justin was able to get things turned around. When I called or sent an email he was back with me in less than an hour. I would recommend anybody who wants to get a great deal on refinancing to get in touch with Justin right away before rates start to climb back up!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What are the odds?

I use the locker room that my work provides for showering and changing into work clothes after riding in to work or after a lunchtime workout. I'm in there for probably about 10 minutes or so. Just about every time I'm in there the same guy is either already in there, or enters when I am in there. He combs his hair neatly in the mirror, or he takes a poo, or a very long pee.

What are the odds that I keep seeing the same guy in there? It's strange.

He's probably thinking the same thing about me.