Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Gridleys

We wish you and your family a merry Christmas. Some highlights this year in our family:
  • Gordon
    • Making good progress on his English Channel swim training for 2012. Up to 12.5 miles. (over 6 hours of swimming)

    • Still enjoying working with the Scouts.

    • Established an egg production enterprise for our home. 5 egg laying hens in their own coop in the back yard.

  • Cathi
    • Ran the Boston Marathon last spring. What a fun trip that was!

    • Completed her 13th marathon this year (26 total), with two of those being Boston Qualifying time marathons.

    • Now is serving in her favorite calling so far - Primary Music Chorister.

  • Austin
    • Is still improving in Table Tennis and won the gold medal in the Class A division at the 2009 Utah Summer Games. Also gold in the 17 & under division.

    • Busy with Deacons and scouts and earned his Life Rank. Now for the Eagle project!

  • Jacob
    • Ran in two half-marathons this year and plans to run a marathon next year.

    • Is doing very well in scouts and is very close to completing his First Class.

    • Learning how to play the Base.

  • Lucy
    • Preparing to participate in this summer’s Wizard of Oz/Wicked musical. She's a natural performer.

    • Enjoys her Activity Day events.

    • Started taking piano lessons and did fantastic in her Christmas recital.

  • Jonas
    • Quite a good reader in the 2nd grade.

    • Such a loving and kind big brother to his 3 younger brothers.

  • Isaac
    • Very energetic and loves being in kindergarten.

    • Tall for his age, Jonas and Isaac were on the same soccer team this fall and everyone thought they were twins.

    • A whiz on the computer, and a two-time farkle tournament champion.

  • Sam
    • Just watch, this boy is going to be a football star. He's a tank. He’s only five pounds away from both Isaac and Jonas.

    • Very smart boy, he loves "school". He meets twice a week for playgroup where they learn stuff and have fun.

  • Oliver
    • Loves playing with his hair, mom's hair. He loves hair.

    • Learning to talk so well, it’s funny all the new phrases he’s picked up. (And some other ones that aren’t so funny)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bah! Humbug!

With all the Christmas music on the radio which I usually enjoy, there are a handful that make me want to throw up in my mouth. There are three presets on my car radio with Christmas music-playing stations. This morning I heard #2 from the list below, changed the station to one of the other ones and they were playing it too! So I changed the station to the last remaining station and they were in commercial, when the commercial finished, guess what they started to play? You got it, #2! I wanted to go #2! What is it with you people who like these songs! Cause if nobody liked them, they wouldn't get played!

I'm about ready to throw in the towel listening to the radio, and just play my mp3 the rest of the month!

Gords' Most hated Christmas songs in order of suckitude:
(Links provided in case you need to build up some rage for a new bench press max, or something)
  1. Santa Baby
    What's up with this girl who sings in baby talk trying to be sexy. It's simply annoying! If I was Santa and some airhead chic sang that song to me I'd give a good beating for Christmas.

  2. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas time
    Musically and lyrically, this is one of the most retarded songs ever.

  3. My Grownup Christmas Wish
    One can only handle so much cheese! What! You trying to make me cry with all the sentimism? Give me a break! Oh, by the way, props for world peace.

Monday, December 7, 2009

This is why I go to the Theater!

Since my last encounter with the theater which didn't go so well, I decided to take Cathi to The Blind Side which came out this week. I liked it. It wasn't far fetched, funny and inspiring. Cathi and I both enjoyed it thoroughly and hope that Sandra Bullock wins an Oscar for her performance in this film. Definitely a must see!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Septoplasty - it's done!

So this morning I got up and went with Cathi to the surgical center in Bountiful to get my polyps removed and my septum corrected. Was there waiting for about 2 hours before finally getting in there. Cathi and I talked and flirted in the prep room for a good 45 minutes. It was fun. They put the IV in and it was my first time with an IV. Not a big deal at all.

When the anesthesiologist got there and explained everything he injected the anesthetic into my IV and I was gone in less than 10 seconds. I don't remember a single thing. Next thing I remember someone asked me for a pain scale. "7" I said and they gave me something and it went down to about a 5.

It took me a good 3 hours after initially waking up to get to where I wasn't dizzy. Right now I'm feeling fine except I can't breathe through my nose, but that isn't something I'm used to anyway. Just trying to control the bleeding. I should be able to breathe through my nose in a couple days.

The kids have been so loving and Cathi has been such a great nurse! I'm sure blessed to have such a great support system.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is why I redbox

Last night I sacrificed my evening swim to watch the new Star Trek movie. I must be really picky cause I think this movie sucked. The plot and story line was pretty good compared to previous Star Trek movies. But the acting (or rather than directing) sucked.

The characters were all exaggerated. Jim Kirk was a total horndog who had a big head and no real skills except a big mouth. Bones was a complete whiner.

The two characters that weren't completely annoying were the young Spock and Scotty.

I'm so glad I didn't fork over more than $1 to watch this film. What a waste of time. I feel bad for missing my swim.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Square Trade - concluding failure

So I finally have an update to my concluded dealings with square trade. Here's the background.

UPDATE: The technician reviewing the Garmin claimed that the battery was left in too long and that the repair wasn't covered.

My Response to that conclusion: It wasn't like I left the batteries in there for years and left it in a drawer somewhere. I used this thing several times each week and it had a normal flow of new batteries going in. To me if a normal battery leaks and the product fails because of that, is that the product that failed? Probably not. OK I see the point, However.... what happened to going the extra mile. I mean seriously, the repair would cost about a penny, and here's how...

Take a paperclip, straighten it out, and then coil it up so it looks like a battery terminal, then solder it to the battery terminal backing. I did this (except the soldering) before I sent it in and the Garmin was working, but since I made a big stink about it, figured the "professional" should do it, since I paid for the coverage. So I sent it in two weeks ago, and just today was told the technician made his judgment.

So it looks like this actually goes back to the inability of square trade to make a tiny little fix even though they claim it's outside they're responsibility. This 5 cent "extra mile" has the potential to make customers happy, but that's not the goal. It's the small print and the financial risk that square trade wants to protect itself from.

Guess I'll just have to do it myself. Next time, scrap the warranty since they're concern is more about saving a few pennies, than making the customer happy.

Wake up call

I'm telling you, I'm fired up about this Muslim guy who went on a shooting rampage at Ft. Hood. What makes me mad is that people knew about this guy and his messed up mentality, but he wasn't detained or investigated enough to stop it.

When 9/11 happened, and other events (which were caught before tragedy), traveling by air has taken a radical change. We can't pack toothpaste or take a tiny little pocket knife on the plane. OK whatever.

But when a soldier who is Muslim and has obvious anti-american views isn't kicked out of the military, or detained when he takes steps to cause a slaughter like this, really bothers me. I guess now the military will go into extreme reaction mode much like the airlines. Which is a good thing. But it really is too bad that steps weren't taken BEFORE the tragedy. There have been many cases where bad things were caught BEFORE they happened, and this is a really bad one that slipped through. My heart goes out to the families of those affected by the shootings.

This guy was a US Soldier who turned into a terrorist, coddled and ignored for the sake of political correctness. He should be charged with treason. His act speaks for itself and his completely messed up extremist views shouldn't be given any light whatsoever. The firing squad should really start cleaning their guns. The US military ought to take steps in the future to ensure nothing like this happens again. It's bad enough when our guys are killed over there in those places of the world, but to be killed from muslim radicals from within? C'mon! That's idiotic.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Firefox is a pig, Chrome is faster and thinner, but doesn't work well with Ultramon or Jira (Rich Text)

For many years I've preferred Firefox over IE, but now Google Chrome comes into the picture and I'm getting fed up with how sometimes my computer doesn't respond as fast as I'd like. Well today I looked at the task manager and Firefox was in the top three apps using up the most memory. So today I decided to do a little browser comparison:

BrowserStartup timeMemory with 5 fav tabs
Firefox20 seconds169 Mb
IE 8.03 seconds93 Mb
Google Chrome3 seconds42 Mb

So it looks like Google Chrome is fast and simple. Nice! Problem is that Chrome doesn't use a normal Windows window. I use Ultramon which includes a couple additional window manipulation icons on every window so I can move windows from one desktop to the other with a single click. With Google Chrome those icons aren't visible, and the "Move to other Monitor" option when right clicking on the title bar on the window doesn't do any thing.

Moving windows from one desktop to the other is a feature I use hundreds of times every day. So moving a Chrome window around is going to be a pain, but I think it might be worth it to have the same things running in my browser with 1/2 to 1/4 of the memory used up.

I've since noticed that Chrome doesn't work well with Jira. A documentation and issues tracking tool. The Rich Text tab doesn't show up in Chrome. And when creating a new jira task, it doesn't respect the dropdown value selected. Jira and Chrome don't work very well together at all. Jira and Confluence I also use predominantly throughout the day, so Chrome right now isn't a complete solution for me! C'mon Mozilla, fix your memory issues, and C'mon Google, get your browser to mature faster!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaac!

This morning I didn't swim. I made breakfast for Isaac who celebrates his 6th Birthday today. This kid is so fun. He got the royal treatment this morning. Then he went out to the garage and we gave him his main present. A new bike. His old one had the back tire ran over by the van so it was bent really bad. It would rub against the frame and slow him down. It was funny to see him able to ride it with it so wobbly. But this new one is fast and has a big horn on it. He was all smiles this morning with the big pile of pancakes with strawberries and bananas smothered all over it with half a can of whip cream spray.

Isaac is such a lovable kid. Plus he's very gentle considering how big he is for his age. Poor Jonas has just been passed up in size by his younger brother. Isaac is a smart kid and has neat handwriting. Happy Birthday Isaac!

From Family Videos

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Faithful Questioning

My awesome Stake President, President Brandt, the past year has emphasized a need to ask questions in faith, rather than faithlessly. For instance someone who has a problem with the Word of Wisdom might ask in a whiny voice, "Why do I have to give up my Coke? I mean caffeine isn't mention in D&C 89 anywhere." But a faithful question on the same topic might be "How can giving up caffeinated drinks benefit me both physically and spiritually?" Then searching for the answers.

Well today I had a couple questions while attending the temple. It had to do with the methods used in the 1)observance and 2)teaching of Adam and Eve while they were on the earth. Heavenly Father is omniscient. Why did he use angelic servants to supposedly get information regarding Adam and Eve's faithfulness? Then the answer came to me nearly immediately in thought while in the Temple. I wanted to document them cause I have a terrible memory and wanted to record my experience.

1) Observance - Heavenly Father uses earthly leaders to help us become accountable for our actions. Since Adam was the first man on earth, there wasn't another mortal on earth to hold him accountable, so Heavenly Father had to send angels to do that.

2) Teaching
I have had many examples of people who have tried to teach me a specific gospel principle. There are many techniques used in teaching. Some include:

  • Harsh words and a blunt approach to invoke fear, or guilt

  • Self Righteously - The one teaching using himself as an example to follow.

  • Teaching out of love and concern. Teaching truths in humility and without self grandeur. Providing encouragement to avoiding problems without casting judgement. The spirit can best teach under this situation than the previous two examples.

Those who use methods other than the third one (In Humility, using Love and encouragement) are much less effective. I mean if their purpose truly is that of teaching a concept, wouldn't that be the best method? What is the ultimate goal of teaching? To help the person desire to learn and heed the teaching. If the person being taught is being yelled at, or made to feel guilty, or is being "preached to", is that going against the real purpose of helping the person gain a desire to grow?

Many times in the Old Testament I get the impression that Jehovah is a strict god, that goes to extremes. Killing a majority of the population with a flood, Sending famines, wars and destruction, etc... But the chance he gave Adam to learn and grow, rather than striking him dead upon eating the fruit (which he told Adam while in the garden would be the consequence), shows me a different side of the God of Genesis that I've initially been exposed to. He truly is all powerful and all knowing, but he often chooses methods to observe and to teach which allows for accountability and forgiveness.

Just makes me think, I have so much to learn! There's more to each story, than the story itself.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finishing the Chicken coop

We built the coop earlier this summer, but since it's been getting so cold decided to finish the coop with a nice nesting box to provide some much needed protection from the cold. It is basically a 4 ft by 2 ft box that is fully insulated with 6 inches of fiberglass insulation inside a bigger box. It is built of wood with shingles completely covering the outside of the box. It is just outside the coop with a hole where the door is.

Jacob, Cathi and I spent about 10 hours total building this. We got our first egg out of it. The chickens are laying about 3 eggs a day now. So we shouldn't need to go buy eggs again. In fact we might need to start giving them away.

I skipped a couple of swim sessions to get this project over with so I hope the chickens appreciate the sacrifice not to mention that the material cost about $200. Not cheap. We should break even with the money we're saving on eggs in, oh about 10 years. I'll feel better about sleeping in my warm bed, when the chickens have this nesting box that should keep them plenty warm in the winter with two heat lamps out there and tons of straw for covers. I'm just glad I don't have any roosters.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Everyone except Austin and Cathi went Trick-or-treating for candy. Here is a picture we took just before we went out plundering! What a fun time we had. Lucy went out with a friend and so did Jacob (who let Jonas come along). Man did they score! I went out with Isaac, Sam and Oliver.

Jacob was a "Deathrider". Lucy was an egyptian princess, Jonas and Isaac were ninjas, Sam was Spiderman, Oliver was the Fantastic 4 rock superhero.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Darth Gords

So this morning I got up early to get my costume put together. The horns wouldn't stay on with the spirit glue that I got from Halloween USA. I tried applying them several times, but they just weren't sticking good enough so I went without horns. I had to get Cathi to help me with the blue part of my face. The black I did completely myself.

Turned out pretty good. We'll see how it lasts at work. Tomax has been getting pretty good prizes lately for Easter and Halloween. So hopefully I get something cool out of this besides some strange looks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vivid dream again - cliff jumping

Well I had another extremely vivid dream. The last dream I had like that was a tragedy type dream. This one was more enjoyable. It started out where I heard about this new cliff jumping camp. It consists of a small group of people who rent a humongous warehouse get a pool, and build a rock wall (which also had rock climbers on it) and then at certain points along the wall was an opening where you could take stairs along the back side of the wall, then come to the opening and jump into the pool.

The camp consisted of 10 total jumps, the first one starting at 10 meters and then progressively getting higher. But get this, the last three jumps are so high they have to take you outside to specific points somewhere in the world that would allow for such high jumps.

So I heard about this camp at work and Sylaja (my boss) and I paid the $100 to join the camp. The first few jumps were cake. Once I got to the 30-50 foot jumps it was a little challenging mentally to do it. But the camp director (who happened to be the director at Scout Camp Loll) gave us tips to overcome our fears. Once we got to the 100 foot and higher jumps you would jump into a stream of water that also went down to the point of entry in the water. This helped the landings to be softer.

Once we got the 8th jump we had to go to the edge of the Grand Canyon. There was a large river that went over the edge. We were supposed to jump over the edge into the waterfall going straight down. It was so far I couldn't see the bottom. I was like "How far is this jump?" The camp director overhead me and said to Sylaja and me, "It isn't about how far it is people! It's about how much fun your havin!" One of the assistants, who happened to be Rex Brimhall then went up to the edge and without a moment's hesitation walked over the edge into the waterfall going down to the bottom.

I then followed him. The fall ended up being about a mile. It was amazing how long I was just falling in the mist all around me. At first it was scary, but after a few seconds, this was fun! After about a minute, then the mist got thicker until I could tell I was getting near the bottom and I could hear a huge roar of water. Then I entered the water at the bottom. It was a soft entry. Softer than even the 50 foot jump. What a thrill!

Then I woke up. Dang! I wanted to see the last two jumps! What a crazy dream. Made me think, "If I can overcome the fear of jumping into a fall where I can't see the bottom, the English Channel is something right up my alley. Being prepared physically and mentally and having the right support team is all there is to it. Sounds easy, but I really believe I've got the metal to do it.

I really wish I could plug my brain into a computer and record video of that dream, it was so real. Extremely thrilling and what a fantastic view!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Way to be proactive Feds!

I'm sure glad to see stories like this one where terrorists are caught BEFORE they carry out their terrorist activities. As 911 demonstrated if we wait until the crime is committed, dozens, hundreds and even thousands of lives are in jeopardy.

I fully support a government that aggressively hunts down terrorist plans and nips them in the bud before they are acted out. Problem is what can you do to those who are caught? If they acted out their plan of mass murder, it would be generous to give them a lethal injection. What can you do to prevent them from becoming a threat in the future?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scary moment this morning

This morning Cathi told me we had the carpool. I was about to leave for work and she asked if I would take the kids. I agreed since I was on my way to work, and could just take them on the way. After picking up the three girls, and going down 2700 S., only 30 seconds or so into the drive with all the kids, I heard one girl in the back seat say, "Hey are you OK? What are you doing? What are you doing?" I looked in the rear view mirror to see one of the girls white as a ghost with her face completely clenched breathing fast through her nose and her eyes rolled back. She was leaned over onto one of the girls sitting in the middle. It was quite shocking to see. Her hands were clenched into fists and she was convulsing.

I immediately told the girls to just relax and make sure she could breathe. I turned the car around and took her home. At the same time I called 911 and talked to dispatch. We arrived at her home and one of the girls went up to get her Dad. He came out and by that time she was no longer convulsing and was just passed out in a relaxed state with her breathing calm. The active seizure probably lasted about 30 seconds to a full minute.

When the officer arrived he asked the Dad about medical history, diet, etc... She was slowly coming back to alertness and was able to be assisted out of the back seat and back in her house. I then took the remaining three kids to school.

Back when I was at Deseret gym there was a boy who had a mild seizure. This one was pretty intense. According to the parents, this was a first incident and not a recurring thing. For me as the adult in the group and the one responsible for the safety of the kids on the way to school, it was a little disturbing and glad that it wasn't so bad that she stopped breathing. I was afraid that my tunnel vision would affect my driving. So I tried to focus on getting back to the house instead of trying to drive, talk to dispatch and provide care all at the same time. I'm still a little in shock over the whole thing.

I hope the other kids in the carpool are respectful of the situation and the young woman's privacy in keeping the story quiet. I left a voicemail on Austin's cell phone to be quiet about what happened, but who knows if he'll listen to it. Hopefully he uses good judgment. I'm sure the young lady will be embarrassed when word gets out and hopefully people will respond in a caring way without making her feel "broken" or different.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Publicly denouncing Rammstein and praising Infected Mushroom

For the past decade I have been a fan of Rammstein. That is until now. Their latest album cover is simply pornographic. I've tried overlooking much of Rammstein's past indiscretions in their videos and concerts. But they seem to focus so much on shocking their audience with their lyrics and antics than in the quality of their music. With how the world is going though, they may get more popular with their disgusting behavior. Not with me though. I'll be playing deaf to their next album.

So I publicly denounce Rammstein as my favorite band, and replace them with a new favorite: Infected Mushroom. If I were to stand before my maker I would feel very much that he would agree in my appreciation of their music. They focus on music quality, and their lyrics aren't offensive.

So go check them out: Infected Mushroom rocks!

Here's some samples:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My quest for a full breath

Ever since around spring of 2007 I have never had 100% clear sinus'. I had springtime hayfever and went to see my allergist, Dr. Allen Edson who prescribed Nasacort for my nose. I tried it and it cleared me up fine, but over time, didn't have the same effect. Today it has no noticeable effect whatsoever.

Ever since fall of 2008 it has been 50 - 90% effaced. What is strange is that it switches sides. One side is typically 80-100% clear, while the other is only 30-50% clear. Then it switches sides. Up till now I've just learned to live with it. I get a new hypoallergenic pillow every 4 months or so, change the bed sheets often in case of dust mites. And it really isn't that tough to keep my distance from Annabel (which I have a very slight allergic reaction to according to tests). Austin gives her enough love for the both of us.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Edson hoping that I could have surgery instead of have to take nasal sprays for the rest of my life that don't really work. He looked in side and said that he can't see any polyps because I'm so congested, so I have a CAT scan scheduled for next Monday.

He gave me a different nasal spray which I tried this morning and a extreme antihistamine drug called prednisone which I'm only taking for a week. I put this off to avoid any possible conflicting surgery and recovery time with any races I'm doing. After the SDRC swim meet on November 14th, I'll be free and clear and shouldn't have conflicts, other than my training which hopefully any surgery won't interfere very much with.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Square Trade - quick to google itself?

This morning I wrote a nasty little post about Square Trade because of the denied claim on my GPS unit which failed at the start of last Saturday's 160 mile ride.

They said on the phone that my claim was denied because the warranty doesn't cover water damage. Which I told them had never had water on the inside. It corroded because of old batteries. But they pretty much said sorry.

About 2 hours later, and after I posted my nasty blog about their service, I get a call back saying they are re-reviewing my claim and asked again for my story which I retold. They said, "Oh, well if it never had water damage on the inside and it was due to batteries, then that is different". So they're sending me a shipping bag to put the GPS in and send to them for repair.

So I ended up deleting my nasty blog post and have this one now. This could be a good ending afterall.

So now I'm wondering why they did they review and reverse their initial claim decision? If it had anything to do with my initial posting, then that would be great. But that would be too cool.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The basic reform plan with no fluff

Here's the deal:

So we won't even have an increase in taxes and nobody who already has coverage will have to change, and this won't be a government takeover of healthcare? Looks like this is taking alot of the hot air out of some of the anti-reform claims. Thing is, if any of these basics are NOT actually met, then that will backfire on Obama and may turn me back to the "light side".

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another miracle - I'm spared again

Yesterday on the way home from work I decided to stop in at Walmart (sorry Kenny) to get a couple of things. I decided to turn left from Hill Field Road in the parking lot from the North. I was heading west and the eastbound traffic was backed up clear to the light in front of the DI. The light they were all heading to had turned red again so they weren't going anywhere. On coming traffic were kind enough to leave a gap for me to turn left. There are two lanes of traffic and both had stopped and left me a gap to turn.

I started through the gap when all of a sudden BOOM! Some guy sped through the outside turn lane and hit me probably around 30 mph. He was really going fast. He hit me right on the front right corner. The impact pushed my car clear to the other side of the turn lane. We almost hit another car pulling out of the Wal-mart parking lot, but missed it by inches. I just sat in the car with my hands on the wheel for a good 30 seconds. I knew that people often react too quickly and shock settles in. So I decided to sit there, and do a very careful mental assessment and inventory of my physical state. I was unharmed. The other driver got out of his car and asked through my window if I was OK. I also asked if he was OK. Both of us were unharmed.

I was fearful that I had done something wrong, but realized that it was clearly his fault. He was speeding around stopped traffic and had gone straight through the outside shoulder which was supposed to be for turning in and out of Walmart.

My car had stopped at the impact. It struggled to start back up, but I tried moving and it sounded like an old man with a broken ankle and wouldn't move. So we both pushed it off the side of the road and onto the sidewalk. His car was able to move, but the windshield was completely shattered and both air bags deployed. It was obvious that because both cars were fairly aged, this totaled both of them.

I called 911 and within 20 minutes an officer arrived. I called Lyn Baskum's office and his assistant told me to take pictures and get names and numbers of witnesses. There were three kind people who stopped and made statements for the officer as witnesses. One of them also had a camera phone and took these images. The other driver's mother came and was kind. She didn't try to blame me and wasn't mean to her son either. She did ask him, "So did you get a ticket yet?" I didn't hear the answer, but the officer did tell me that his insurance card was expired and he would be cited for that. His mother told us that it was still active, just an expired card.

Anyhow..... I'm fine and thankful to again be alive. Although this accident was more unlikely to result in death, I was left completely unharmed and not even sore from this. My head did hit my arm, but not even bruise or soreness. Very blessed.

Dr. Alice Kripin goes on TV this morning!!!!

I'm a big fan of I am Legend. At the beginning of the movie Dr. Alice Kripin goes on TV on the Today show and is interviewed. She explains that she created a virus which essentially kills cancer. After which you see "Three Years Later" with scenes of New York abandoned.

Later in the movie you see Dr. Neville say the date, September 5th, 2012. So that would mean that the date of the Alice Kripin interview is today! September 4th, 2009. Here is the interview.
From Movie/Music clips

Checkout my Song Of The Day for a cool song from the movie.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who needs an alarm clock when you can just get a kick in the face!

This morning I was planning to get up early to swim in Bountiful Lake one more time this week. When it was time to get up, instead of the alarm clock I got a kick to the left side of my face, thanks to Oliver who was sleeping. Man that is annoying. All the kids are off track in school so they decided to sleep out in the back in tents. In the middle of the night they came in and went straight to our bed. Not because they wanted to cuddle with Dad, but because of Mom. She's the celeb in our house! And where the heck was Cathi? She moved over to the big red chair in our bedroom. Poor woman. That's where the kids should be!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Close encounter with a moose

After the Bear Lake Triathlon yesterday we went back to the cabin to clean up and have some lunch. Now I've had close encounters with antelope, deer and even Bison, but this was my first encounter up close with a Bull Moose. I was cleaning a few dishes at the kitchen sink when I looked out the window to see a big Moose trot over the lawn towards the bridge from the west side of the cabin. I hurried over and got my camera. By the time I got to the back door it was already in the water making its way to the other side. It was very exciting to see such a majestic large wild animal.

Here is the video I took. But the video quality is poor. Sorry.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SLC Depeche Mode Concert Review

So last night I took Cathi to Depeche Mode. I surprised her with the tickets earlier this summer knowing that when we were young she liked them. However, she told me many times before the concert that she wasn't that big of a fan and shouldn't have spent the money and rather I taken someone else.

So we went with our friends Duane and Jen Ralphs. We enjoyed their company on the way in and back home.

The opening band was not terrible. I previewed their music before the concert and noticed that one of their songs was loaded with the F bomb. I warned Cathi and sure enough they played it. But they only played for 30 minutes and then the stage got setup for Depeche Mode.

When they came out the first two songs were from their new album which I'm not really familiar with yet. But the third song and most of the songs after that were from previous albums. Two of my favorites they played were: In My Room, It's No Good, and Never Let Me Down Again, and Enjoy the Silence.

Behind the stage they had a huge big screen monitor. During some of the songs they had some visual trippy stuff, and sometimes a video. During Enjoy the Silence the big screen played a video of the band just standing in space suits rotating every minute to the center. Pretty boring, but added a cool touch to the song.

I was really getting into it and having a ball at this point! Great concert. Then after 90 minutes they went off stage. The crowd cheered and bellowed for a good 5 minutes and then they came out again. We really should have left at this point. Because when they came back on stage it quickly went downhill. They played Stripped, and Fly on the Windscreen which wasn't terribly bad, except for David's habitual pelvic grinding of the mic stand.

Then they started to play Strange Love along with a video of some lesbian activity. As soon as I saw the screen with a woman in lingerie laying on a couch and another lady entering the room and walking over I sat down in my seat and let the tall guy to my right who was standing, block my view of the big screen. I could only see the front part of the stage where David was singing. I was afraid to look to my left where Cathi was sitting knowing she didn't have someone to block her vision, and I knew she was getting angry.

She isn't a big DM fan and this was only making her hate me for taking her. After the song she got up and left. I could only imagine what she saw and how offensive the video must have been considering the song. I followed her out and she kept telling me to go back in as I spent $70 dollars for my ticket. She was so mad at me! She wouldn't stay within 10 feet of me and wouldn't look or talk to me. She kept saying "I don't want to be with you!" There wasn't any one around us except for a few people off in the distance, but it was getting to be quite a dramatic scene so I backed off.

I was embarrassed for several reasons. We must have looked like dumb quarreling teenagers. I didn't have a clue they were going to do that. I kept reassuring her before the concert that they only have a few raunchy songs and that perhaps that they would do their homework about SLC and not play those songs. I was wrong, dead wrong. It's one thing to play those songs, but to show an R rated sex scene. That's pathetic.

So they probably only played for another 20 minutes while Cathi and I sat outside on the grass (ten feet apart again, as every attempt I made to apologize and console an angry conservative woman failed and she would move away in a huff making me look like a fool). I texted Ralphs that would meet them at their car. By the time they showed up Cathi put on her fake "I like Gordon afterall" look.

Apparently Jen Ralphs was furious as well. Hopefully Duane wasn't in trouble like me. We had a good talk about triathlons and Duane's job on the way home.

It's the last time I take Cathi to a concert. It's just too risky. I'm never sure of what's going to be sung or shown on a screen. I guess I'll have to wait until the Millenium when perhaps John Denver will do another tour. Only then will I be confident that Cathi will enjoy herself at a concert.

Happy Birthday Cathi - can I come out of the doghouse now? I love you and sorry about the crappy evening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cathi - my eight cow wife

Today was our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I'll tell you what. I chose a winner. Cathi's best qualities include: She's outgoing and friendly. She's a great mom to our children. She's flexible and laid back. She's athletic and takes care of herself physically. She's close to the Lord and a great example to the whole family. She's loving to me and forgiving. I seriously couldn't have been more blessed with a perfect fit for me. We get along so great and I'm still very much in love with this foxy red head!

I thought this week what I could do that would be fun. So I thought I'd sell the very rare tu uefi shell that I found and buy (make) a golden mirror. One carved with birds and flowers.

Here's a picture of her anniversary gift: a wooden bowl with eight cows and the golden mirror. The mirror was truly lined with gold and had birds and flowers on it. Very good looking.
Here's my eight cow wife and her golden mirror. Her gift to me was a wonderful poster full of pictures of our 15 years together. We've sure had a fun ride and am so grateful to have a happy marriage with these wonderful kids.

Now for your viewing pleasure, here is the original film of Johnny Lingo. The whole film is put into 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 can also be seen from youtube.

Cathi's favorite part: 4:55
Gords' favorite part: 7:35 - 7:46, 7:53 - 8:00, 8:16

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a thoughtful guy!

This morning Cathi was especially nice to me when I got up and she was just coming back from her run. She told me last night in her dream she was at a talent show singing a song.

When she started singing the first line, she realized that she was slaughtering the song and was starting to get nervous cause she knew it was sounding really bad. She said that I immediately jumped out of the seat in the front row at the auditorium. I ran up next to her and started singing with her. She said that the song went perfect after that. She felt more confident, we made great harmony and the crowd was on their feet at the end.

She thanked me. I saved my red-headed lover from ultimate talent show failure.

It's funny that Cathi's subconscious has more confidence in my singing and lyric memorization skills than is realistic.

I just called her from work to remind her about something and she thanked me again for helping her on the song. It was a dream! I'm sure glad I didn't have an affair in her dream. I'd really be in the doghouse.

In reality I most likely would have let her crash and burn alone rather than drag my sorry butt into it. I mean if I truly had those skills, I would have helped out. But in reality it would have been a two man disaster.

Also in reality, Cathi has a great voice and her enthusiasm is entertaining all by itself. An example of that is her Christmas concert she did at a rest home a couple years back. Click on the pic below for the video:
From Family Videos

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Could I, Should I, create a patent?

Yesterday enough was enough! I'm sick of our main floor toilet not flushing well. Sometimes, not at all and I have to use the plunger. I already snaked it several times, even removed the toiled trying to find the cause of the poor quality flushes. So I stopped at home depot and got a Class 5 "powerful" toilet. The word "Powerful" was the sales clincher for me.

When I got home I again removed the old one and put this new one in. When I used the Shop Vac to clear out the remaining water in the bowl after turning it off, it sucked up a ball point pen. Dang it! Oh well, I already had enough with the old one and this new "powerful" one, sucked me in to just installing the new one anyway.

I installed it and sure enough you could feel the sucking motion. I imagine for girls with long hair it makes their hair move towards the bowl when flushing.

Then I had this vision. Imagine a toilet not made of ceramic or porcelain. A complete clear plastic toilet. This way, you could not only be entertained watching your crap make its way down the drain, but you could see the exact cause of any clogs that might be preventing you from having a good day.

Would that be an awesome patent or what!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomax India knows how to party!

I haven't been to a Tomax Christmas party for the past three years because I've been at the US National Table Tennis Tournament in Las Vegas. But this year, we're skipping that tournament so I'll get to go.

I noticed that Tomax India sure knows how to throw a party. Everyone is all smiles! Last time I went to a Tomax Christmas party, it was lots of drinks and fancy cheese. Not much smiling and real partying. Someone from Tomax India ought to come over and help us to let down our hair!

Looks like they even got Tay Zonday to come dance for them. Luckies!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cathi is finally on her own

After Cathi's marathon yesterday, I convinced her to keep her own record instead of piggy backing on mine. So she created her own -

Leave a comment so she is motivated to stick with it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't be self centered people!

This morning really early, I took Cathi and a couple of her running buddies to Salt Lake to catch the bus for the start of the Deseret News Marathon. Just as we got off the freeway heading for the Energy Solutions Arena someone mentioned Obama and the new initiative to reform Health Care.

Cathi asked, "So what's the biggest problem you have with it?". The first answer.... "The biggest thing is that I'll have to help pay for everyone else." He kept going on and Cathi asked me "So you're not going to pipe up?" I said "No, you guys are starting a Marathon in a few minutes here and I don't want to start a debate." Seriously I didn't want to make any comment that would distract them from focusing on their race, but the comments started to annoy me.

"Emperor Obama" (as the runner titled him) has demanded a decree. Why are so many people (including myself) willing to consider politicians as angels or demons. Not everything is black and white. There is grey area everywhere and very few (including the politicians themselves) completely understand every impact that many of these important decisions really will make on our country. There is so much speculation on what the outcomes really would be from a particular change.

My take on this particular issue of socialized medicine in the United States is very simple....

It's no mystery that one of the historical and most likely future systems of community living among LDS folk, is the United Order. One of the main things is that those who enter the law of Consecration do so voluntarily. But last time I attended the temple, there weren't a whole lot of people raising their hands or walking out in a huff. Don't these anti-social people realize that socialized health care is one step towards something more resembling the United Order, than what we have today? So if you're one of those people who object to living the law of Consecration, keep on complaining, you deserve to. But if you agree that living the law of Consecration is for you, then please zip it regarding "paying for everyone else".

Many people who cannot afford health care don't get the care they need. And when people who have it, don't want reform mainly because it means they'll have to step up and help those who don't, chaps my hide. Sometimes we forget that everything we have comes from the Lord, and we need to quit worrying about how we're going to keep all we have to ourselves instead of helping others.

Now I'm not saying that everyone who opposes socialized health care is stingy, or self centered. There are many reasons to oppose it, but if that is the main concern, that bugs me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Qwest technician

A couple days ago we finally caved in and decided to get the internet at home with a couple of rules:
  1. Someone must be in the room with you when you're on the internet
  2. Three strikes and the internet is gone from our home
  3. If you accidentally stumble on something, report it, or it counts as a strike
  4. All activities will be monitored so don't try to be sneaky or it will count as two strikes.

Anyhow, the guy who installed it said there wasn't a phone line in the office. That wasn't true and I found it hard to believe. But I was at work when he made the claim and wasn't about to argue with him at work. So he installed it in the kitchen and then we had to use the stupid netgear wireless adapter to get it to work on one computer in the office. Lame.

So when I got home from yesterday's triathlon I took a look on the side of the desk and sure enough there was a phone jack. I plugged a phone into it and got a dial tone. Lazy qwest dude! So I plugged the router into it using the filter thing and didn't get the DSL light to stay solid. I called tech support and they had to actually wire the jack for the internet. So I set up an appointment for Monday.

About an hour later I thought, how tough can it be? At least open the cover and see what kind of wiring it involves. So I did and there were only two wires to hook up. So I changed the wiring in the office to match the kitchen and moved the kitchen back to using a normal phone connection. Still no connection. Then I asked Jacob if the tech went downstairs at all. He did, so I went and looked at the connections downstairs. Apparently the green wires aren't used at all for phone. The was only one set of green wires that were connected. So I traced the line from the office and took the green wires from there and hooked them into one set of green wires that were hooked together and joila! Internet service. Took about 30 minutes to figure out and now we got it.

So it wasn't that tough. Any idiot can do what a qwest technician guy does. I'm a perfect example of that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lucy's 9th Birthday

Lucy turns 9 next week, but Austin and I will be up at Scout Camp so today we're celebrating her birthday. This morning I got up and took her to IHOP and she ordered some Strawberry pancakes. She's such a little eater. She could barely eat half. Afterwards she picked out a toy up front and got a cow bank. When you put a coin in the top it would Moo. She loved it. I let her take all the coins out of my car and put them in and it was mooing the whole way home.

I love Lucy cause she is so obedient. When I ask her to do something she typically just says "Yes Sir." and does it. Occasionally she complains, but for the most part she just does it without any attitude. Sometimes I'm afraid she doesn't see me as a Dad, but as a drill sergeant. One day she kept calling me "Sir". She would start a question with, "Sir?" After about half a dozen times of her calling me that, I would remind her, "I'm your Dad, you can call me Dad". Makes me think sometimes I'm a little harsh with these kids and need to tone down the ordering.

I'm glad I got at least one girl. Lucy puts up with alot and can dish out the pain just as well as the other boys. On her Low Reunion Jersey her nickname on the back of her shirt says, "Outnumbered". That is true, but she is good about collecting supporters. She has her club which Isaac, Sam and Jonas all seem desperately to be a part of. That little collection of four can often times take on Austin and Jacob pretty well. And Oliver is a toss up between anyone who will give him attention. Jacob and Lucy do that quite well.

Happy Birthday Lucy - Your a wonderful daughter!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sam's stash of cookies

I got home from work yesterday and was in the garage when I looked down and saw Sam had stashed a huge bag of cookies right into his bike seat (with the missing top). I had to laugh, cause there was probably 2000 calories worth of ginger snaps in there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Stuff" [stuhf]

I've noticed this word being used more and more in my workplace. It is such a generic word, but has been used as a noun to describe source code or application functionality.

I'm starting to dislike the word. It has an informality about it that makes the "code or functionality" seem unimportant. It's not a pet peeve word, yet. I'd rather someone use the word "Stuff" than eat an apple at their desk.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sam turns Four

This morning I got up to swim and went to say goodbye to Cathi and saw Sam sleeping so soundly next to her. Then I realized, it's his birthday today! So I changed back out of my swimsuit and got ready for work. Then I woke him up got him dressed and we went to IHOP!
That kid was all smiles this morning. He had a silver five breakfast and got to pick out a toy from the front. (Those IHOP people sure are smart money makers) He chose a snake and had fun getting it to sneak up on me and bite me. He sure had a good morning and was very happy.

Whenever I'd ask him how old he was he wouldn't even think long. He's just say "8!" Wow, he must be excited to turn eight. We practiced the correct answer when he was asked, "4". By the time I got home he had learned the correct answer to that question.

He's very excited about tomorrow too. We're going camping for three days and two nights up in Albion. Tonight we have a big party for him. I love that boy. He's such a loving chunky kid.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newgy is a customer oriented company

I called Newgy today about getting a new Connector cable for my Newgy RoboPong 2040. The speed motor isn't working and I thought I'd try just replacing the cable to see if that fixes it. Otherwise I'll get the control box repaired.

I called Newgy and talked to Dana and explained my situation. She said, "Let's get this issue taken care of and if Drew or Roger (who are the techs) decide to try a new cable have them fax me the order and I'll take care of it."

Roger said to try the cable. But his suggestion was better, he said to go to Radio Shack and take the cable in to get a match and try it. If it works, great, otherwise, just take the cable back. He said to send in the control box and he would fix it.

I wasn't on hold more than 30 seconds and they weren't eager to get off the phone. They listened to my explanation without cutting me off and jumping to conclusions which is what I seem to get from other companies that I call for issues. I'm satisfied with Newgy's customer service.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kick butt refinancing made easy

So my table tennis buddy, Justin Smith came over a couple weeks ago and played a few games with Austin and me. Cathi (the social giant in our family) got some details about what he does for a living and he helps people with mortgages. I told him that we were thinking about refinancing as soon as we could get a full percentage point lower.

I told him we were on a 30 yr fixed for 5.625%. He said he could get a full percentage point now. So he ran some numbers. He said he could get us even down further to 4.375% for a 30 year fixed if we bought down the rate. We jumped on it and got the ball going including getting an appraisal, getting a bunch of documents emailed to him.

Within like 10 days or so, the underwriters had done all their homework and we went in to close a couple days ago. Justin was there to discuss any other questions we had at the time of closing. It went really smooth. We had the kids and they had toys for them to play with. Cathi said that was the easiest closing she's ever been to. Very painless, explained very well, done quickly, and we're saving over $300 a month. Plus we paid down our second mortgage by over $14K with this new loan, and within a year we'll have that paid off.

I was very impressed with the whole process and with the speed at which Justin was able to get things turned around. When I called or sent an email he was back with me in less than an hour. I would recommend anybody who wants to get a great deal on refinancing to get in touch with Justin right away before rates start to climb back up!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What are the odds?

I use the locker room that my work provides for showering and changing into work clothes after riding in to work or after a lunchtime workout. I'm in there for probably about 10 minutes or so. Just about every time I'm in there the same guy is either already in there, or enters when I am in there. He combs his hair neatly in the mirror, or he takes a poo, or a very long pee.

What are the odds that I keep seeing the same guy in there? It's strange.

He's probably thinking the same thing about me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cathi calls me lukewarm

I call it "laid back". Sometimes when I let the kids watch a mild PG-13, or if I do a minor sabbath breaking activity, Cathi will chide me with "Luke, Luke". I guess I could tell her "at least I'm not a Laodicean".

Laodicean? Yes - I'm expanding my vocab which is probably about as high as a fifth grader. Last night we watched the National Spelling Bee on TV. I wanted the kid who took 2nd place to win. Some facts about him came up and he liked They Might Be Giants. What a down to earth kid! I was sad when he missed the word that opened the door for this girl to take first place. Oh well.

Lots of brainy kids out there. Very scary. I was hoping they'd ask one kid to spell my favorite Napoleon Dynamite word:


Monday, May 18, 2009

Gords Dice Game Rules

Goal: Be the last person remaining with at least one die.
Players: 2 - 6
Setup: Each players starts with 5 dice of the same color.

Every player shakes their dice and conceals their dice from other players. Using the results of their own dice as well as the knowledge of how many dice are left in play by other players (which can be determined by looking at the board for the available slots), they estimate how many dice of a particular number are in play.

The person to "call" from the previous round always goes first (unless they are eliminated, in which case the next person in the rotation goes). When starting play for the very first time, just select someone to go first. The first person makes an estimate of how many dice they believe are in play of a particular number and announces it. Using the one white die to locate their estimate on the board (ie 4 x sixes - put the die on 6 and put it on the number four on the board).

The places on the board with a star only represent 1. Everywhere else, ones are considered wild which are set by the last person making the estimate. Once an estimate is made, the next person in play can continue increasing the estimate or "calling" the previous estimate if they doubt there are a sufficient number to meet the estimate.

Once a "call" is made, everyone reveals their dice and places up on the board all their dice for the number used (ie - 4 x sixes - everyone puts their sixes AND ones up on the board to be counted).

If the number is met or exceeded, the person who challenged and made the "call", loses a die and places it on the game board at the next available slot to help identify how many dice are available in play.

If the number is NOT met and the estimate is too high, the person who made the estimate loses a die.

The person who made the call starts the next round.

With less die available to a player it becomes increasingly more difficult to estimate with any accuracy. Players are also known to bluff which can really throw off other players in their estimations. That is legal.

Going "up" on the board can involve staying on the same number on the board, but going up on the die. For instance if a player says, "4 x three's.", the next person can stay on 4 and say, "4 x fours, fives, or sixes", but cannot go with "4 x two's" since they must go higher on the dice. If they want to go with two's, they must go up on the board to "5 x two's". Play must continually go up. In some cases, some people go up not just by one, but several places. This strategy is helpful to avoid the risk of being placed in a position to estimate too high.

Once there is only one die left remaining, that person wins the game.

Call Gords at 801-776-5083 if you have any questions, or email me at: if you need some replacement colored dice. I have a ton of many different colors.

Here is what the board looks like. Here's how much it costs to make one game, if you're interested in making your own board.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Utah Renaissance Festival

Well the long anticipated day had come. I heard about this festival last June, just after it was held last year. Being a fan of Blackmore's Night, Lord of the Rings, and having visited Europe last year, I thought it would be a fantastic festival to visit.

I took the kids thinking they might enjoy it too. Nevermind that it cost $6 per kid (over 3) to get in, and $12 for adults. For my family, this wasn't a cheap admission price. I was hoping they would have pony rides in there. There were thank goodness. $2 for a two minute ride. Oliver loved petting the little goats too. There were tons of vendors selling trinkets (fake knives, bows and arrows, fancy renaissance wear and jewelry. I only had $60 and it seemed that each trinket cost about half that. There was no way I could afford to get something for everybody.

Jacob saw some "Flower sticks" that he tried and he fell in love with them. They wanted $40 for them. No way was I going to pay that. Jacob pouted the entire time after that. Which almost ruined the rest of the afternoon for me. I was really tired of it and tried my best to ignore his attitude.

There were a few places where they were playing games (Tug of war on a block). Jacob and Austin went at it with each other. While the other kids colored some pictures with a princess. There were a few performers.

One performer that was especially impressive to me was Marty Smith, who playing an instrument that was a bunch of wires stretched out that looked like he was playing a marimba, but it was just wires. I looked it up and it's called a Hammered Dulfimer. He was very very good at it. He was selling CD's, but again, I didn't have much cash available to purchase. I couldn't find where to buy one online. But here is a video of this guy.

We waited around for the jousting that was supposed to happen at 4:30, but they stalled and stalled with all sorts of stuff, and finally got around to it 5:30 and by this time I was cranky with Jacob's attitude and the other kids getting filthy in the dirt and throwing stuff at each other.

When I got home I went to Home Depot, bought some PVC and those floating noodle things you take in the pool and made swords. They wanted $20 each at the festival and I made 6 of them for about $30. So I saved a ton.

To be honest I was a little disappointed with the visit. Considering that the entire trip cost me around $100, I felt a little robbed. The experience was good, but not enough to feel that the price was worth it. If I go again, it'll just be a few of us and not the entire fam.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sad, sad day

This morning I got to work late. I saw the light on my phone showing I had messages was on. Mom left two messages. Apparently a childhood friend of mine, Patrice Bolyard Coffman had passed away last week and the funeral was today. Mom said she could pick me up at 9:15am to go to the funeral. Problem was I didn't get into the office until 9:45am.

If I was a better facebook person I would have caught this fact last week when it happens, but I don't get on facebook more than probably once a week. I was sad that I missed the funeral. Patrice lived right next door to me growing up. My biggest memory of Patrice is that we walked to school sometimes together and one day she had some lip gloss on that smelled so good! I was 8 years old and on the way home from school I remember I was overcome, I went up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders and went to kiss her and she fell backwards on the grass. I got down next to her and kissed her on the lips real quick then got up and ran home really fast.

I went home and told my Mom and she said, "Gordon! Don't ever do that again!" I took that command to heart and didn't kiss any other girl after that until I was 18. The total girls I've kissed in my life totals 3 including my wife, Cathi. Patrice was my first kiss, although not very romantic.

Patrice was born on Feb 27th, 1972 so she had an interesting birthday situation. She was only able to celebrate her birthday on the actual day once every four years. So this made her significantly younger.

She was a good friend when I was a kid and we got along very well, I don't recall ever having an argument with Patrice. Her family moved away when I was around 11 so we kind of lost track of each other. But I remember asking Patrice to one of her High School's proms. We had a fun time.

I don't know the details of Patrice's passing, but it comes as a shock to me today and I'm saddened to hear the news. I'm praying for her family as they go through this difficult time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What started the whole swine flu hype

When you're at the petting zoo with your kids, don't let them interact quite so intimately with the little piggies!

Gotta love all the hype! At least it's distracting the media and I don't have to keep hearing how sick the economy is as much.

Thanks to Temaire for posting this picture. It's a classic.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Warning to email forwarding junkies

Why is that people feel the need to forward emails that are supposed to be "funny", "inspiring", "patriotic", or otherwise "cool"?

Why don't these people just post their crap on facebook or a blog instead of filling up my inbox with their spam? But alas, there is the inbox filter which ends up shooting these emailing newbies in the foot. If they ever send me a personal message, it will go straight in the trash!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm getting goosebumps

This seems too good to be true! This (or something like it) will be my next car!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I hate Cedar pollen!

Well, I've been sneezing more today and my eyes are itchy. So the Cedar pollen must be high today. So I checked this website to confirm. Sure enough it is. Luckily I only have about 7 more weeks or less to deal with this crud. I hate spring.

Happy Easter.

Jonas is a sweetie

Jonas is probably the most loving and obedient kids in our family right now. He eagerly accepts tasks and is very affectionate. Yesterday morning I woke him up quietly at 6:15 and we tiptoed out of the house. I gave him a present which was a 20 questions electronic game. He would read the questions and I would answer. I was looking for "Pancakes". When it finally got it right we pulled in to IHOP at the same time. He was happy.

We both ordered and while it was getting cooked up I had Jonas open another present: "The Monster at the End Of This Book". I had him read it to me and he did pretty good.
From Family
Then we stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home. He was very pleased this morning. He shared half his donut with Oliver who when we walked in was just sitting in his high chair at the counter with nothing in front of him. He was hungry! He saw Jonas' donut and went berserk. He quickly went to happy mode once he got half the donut.
From Family

The evening we spent at Layton Surf N' Swim and then came home for cake. What a good day!