Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bragging on my bro

Brendon finished the SLC Half Marathon in 1:57:32
I hope I don't embarrass Brendon here, but I'm feeling a little honored to have this guy as my brother in law.  Two years ago if he opened a fortune cookie and it read "You will run a half marathon in under 2 hours", he probably would have laughed and said, "Yeah right!".

But as I was thinking about all the obstacles he's overcome, and his willingness to try something like running which at first is pretty painful and takes some mighty willpower to keep doing day after day when it hurts, I thought of a motto that seems to fit him:  "Busting down barriers, and hurdling all excuses."

In my opinion, those are just a couple of problems that people have with losing alot of weight and getting into shape. (Speaking from experience being huge and out of shape) I'm sure he's feeling so much happier finding a new life of fitness, healthy eating, and looking good!

Way to go Brendon!  Running your first half marathon should definitely be a confidence booster for Ragnar!