Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jacob Gridley, the most qualified marathon swimming support crew person I know

Jacob is 13 years old, but he's not your typical young teenager.  Just like many teenage boys, he enjoys learning and mastering extreme sports: snowboarding, unicycling, pogo sticking, etc...  But what makes him stand out is that he has exceptional endurance.  He has run six half marathons and is aspiring to run a full marathon very soon.

Jacob finishes the 2011 Pocatello Half Marathon
 A recent example of his extreme endurance:  Three days ago he ran the Pocatello Half Marathon, then two days later paddled solo in a kayak, nearly 20 miles in grueling conditions, the length of Bear Lake. Jacob is one of the most experienced kids his age, in long distance lake kayaking. Here are some examples:
All this starting when he was 10 years old!

With all this experience that he's gained, he is probably one of the most qualified people I could have with me on the boat as I swim the English Channel next year. He's demonstrated that he's got the physical and mental endurance.  He's already got a significant resume built up as a valuable support crew member for marathon swimmers.  I'm honored to have him on my team!