Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Why this is the last time I will donate blood to the America Red Cross.

I will no longer be donating to the American Red Cross.  Apparently, their concern over my concealed carry is more important than my blood.  It's their choice. Fine.

I make a stand to my right to legally carry a concealed firearm, for the protection of others.  Given the rampant tolerance for mentally insane people, and a gross lack of vetting firearms to those responsible to bear them, I'll take a stand against this anti-gun rhetoric.  You want "segregation", you got it. My gun-loving blood apparently isn't good enough.

If enough concealed carry holders did the same, It will "make a difference" against this backward thinking that a banning a tool will keep you safe.  It actually just makes you a soft target.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

One teacher at a time

 I'm offering a sponsorship to ONE full-time Davis County educator. Proof of employment required.

Here are the details of the sponsorship, and I will personally join you in all of these training sessions, to help mentor you and field any questions you have along the way.

1) Two 1.5 hour long training sessions with the same professional that trained me in firearm safety: Jeffrey Denning
2) Utah Concealed Carry permit class (which will include the paperwork and process to mail the permit application) + the application fees.
3) A joint membership to the Red Dot Firearms range in Layton for a full year - What good is the training, or even a tool, if you're not practiced and proficient in its use? This membership gives you free range time and a discount.
4) I will encourage you to join me once a week at the range for practice, and if you join me, I will provide the ammo.
5) $800 budget for you to purchase a concealed firearm of your choice and holster, once your permit arrives.
6) A small gun safe to store your firearm when you are not actively carrying it.

The above sponsorship is a value well over $2000, but I am truly interested in making a difference rather than just spew out words on social media, that really don't make a difference at all no matter what "side" you're on.

After this first year, here's what I expect:

1) You must practice.
2) You must carry.
3) You must continue your education in self-defense.
4) Pay it forward as much as possible.

I guarantee if you are an educator and feel timid about your personal safety and ability to help protect your kids, that if you take me up on this sponsorship your confidence and ability to resist potential "bad guys" will increase. You'll be able to focus on making a positive influence on those students without fear.

This post is NOT open up for comments, so if you're interested in this opportunity, contact me and we’ll get started.