Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moment of Truth show

On Monday I was waiting for Cathi to get back from taking the older kids skating so I watched a new show "The Moment of Truth" and man was it eye opening. The girl was on the second to last question when she got a "False" reading. She had a few questions earlier that demonstrated that she had some honesty and morality issues to deal with and the question she got wrong was easy. Why couldn't she have just looked deeper in her soul? The end result made me realize that we often cover our sins and lies so much that we can sometimes fool ourselves into thinking everything is OK, when subconsciously we may be completely messed up!

Cavemen in the workplace

The caveman look must be getting trendy. There is a guy at my work who looks like he came right off the geiko commercial.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hurt is a classic!

This last year I heard a Gregorian chant of "Hurt" and thought it was great someone was doing a cover of this fantastic NIN song.

Just today I found another version but by Johnny Cash! So Trent didn't create the song, but Johnny Cash? Bizarre! When I first heard the song by NIN I had always associated the song with them, come to find out it is a classic!

Definitely something new I learned today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Career building

Last night I took a glimpse of Nightline story about this guy name Dale Kloefkorn who appeared to be in a fairly safe position in his company when he was laid off. The guy's attitude reminded me of my own. Made me realize that I need to respark my own attitude about work and how to be a better team player or employee. Interesting and sometimes silly techniques to improving one's own perception amongst coworkers which can influence their perceived value to the company.

Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day Weekend at the Cabin

This weekend we went up to the cabin. We were all surprised at how much snow there was. Good thing it was plowed. There would have been no way we would have got in without it being cleared.

I was able to start up the snow mobile and get it up into the yard which had several feet of snow to ride on. The kids all had fun riding as well as getting pulled behind on a sled. We also were able to dig into one of the mounds of snow building a snow cave. We watched alot of movies, snuggled together in front of the fire, ate together and had a total blast.

We were able to make a baby quilt for Rose Mitchell. Austin also played several games of table tennis with Cathi and I. Cathi and I were able to go on a 3 mile hike up right hand fork canyon. We had such a fun time.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Evanston Table Tennis Tournament

Here is a 4 minute video with highlights.

The drive up to Evanston was nice. The roads were dry and we made it up just over an hour.

We started with Austin and I in doubles. There were about 20 teams in 2 divisions. We were put into the A division. We first played Slobocan and Joey. Slobocan is a good player. I overheard Ryan Gubler, the best player in the state tell Joey who was looking for a partner that Slobocan was in the top 5 in the state. Austin and I were able to beat that pair 3-0 and advance in the bracket.

We then played Braxton and Jazva. These two players are from Provo and we usually see them in every tournament in Utah. The first four games ended up in a 2-2 draw. We played one more and barely squeaked by with the win. I was sweating that we were going to the losing bracket after that one.

Then we played Matt and Bryce. This couple had also kicked two teams into the losing bracket. Matt is currently rated 1179 and Bryce 1406 for a total of 2585. Austin is currently rated 686 and I am rated 1344 for a total of 2030. So we were the underdogs. Bryce asked me during lunch how we have been able to do it. I said “lots of luck”. He said something like “Yeah right, with lots of skill mixed in.”. Then when he heard that we were to play next, he said “Goodbye luck, goodbye skill”. It would take a near miracle for Austin and I to beat this team.

We started out and won the first match. They won the second. We won the third, and then the fourth. Austin and I were shocked. Austin was ready to throw a huge party. I warned him that it wasn’t over. In fact the next match would determine whether we took first or second. The losers bracket resolved back down to its final which ended up being Bryce and Matt again.

We played them in the finals. Austin and I were able to beat them 3-0 straight. I took video of this finals match.

We were really blessed today and Austin was thrilled. I was very pleased to have such a great partner who was hitting great and making some fantastic shots. We were able to take the first place medals for the A Division Doubles.

Then we started singles. To determine which bracket you play in there is a ladder format where you play significantly better players to find out what bracket you should be in. Austin lost to Reiner Eysser (rated 1645), a man who is very commonly used as a coach at the club. Austin lost and then lost to Braxton 2-3. This really upset Austin and he spent nearly an hour crying and mourning that loss. Jacob (rated 449) played Dale Majors (rated 1568) and lost. But that didn’t bother him. He kept having fun at the Rec Center and went swimming with Jonas.

I played Reiner Eysser in the ladder and beat him 3-0. They were all close games and Reiner was a great sport and complimented me several times on my game. The results of the ladder put me in the Open (The highest division), Austin and Jacob both were in the C Division (The lowest division). I told Austin that he would have more fun and success in that bracket and not to be depressed about it.

In each singles division it is a double elimination round. Jacob lost both of his first matches and visibly had a great time. He had a few great shots, but consistency is something we need to work on. He went on to just play on the climbing wall at the Rec center.

I played Jeff St. Clair (rated 1632) and took him to 2-1. Then he gained some momentum and won two more in a row to beat me 3-2. He also complimented me several times on my game and was a good sport. I was in the losing bracket now. I then played Bryce (rated 1406) and beat him 3-0. I had several “edges” which I apologized for because those can be frustrating especially when you get a lot of them.

I then played Dale Majors (rated 1568) and had a 1-1 match on him, but then he beat me two in a row to kick me out of the tournament. I had several good shots, but his forehand loop was unstoppable.

Austin was undefeated in his bracket and played an older gentleman, Jordan in the finals. He lost the first match 2-3, but since Austin was undefeated and Jordan was in the losing bracket, Jordan had to play another match with Austin to claim the C division medal. I sat Austin down and told him to calm down and not let anger or frustration consume him (I used master Yoda’s teachings). That he could not be successful if he used his emotions to dictate his play, instead of his instincts and techniques. He played much better and I stayed nearly out of Austin's view so he could use his own inner strength to play instead of constantly looking to me for advice. He did much better and won 3-1. Austin took first place for the C division.

We all had a great time at the tournament and enjoyed the company of all the players there. We’re looking forward to the Utah Valley Open in April.

Austin's 15 minutes of fame

One of the most popular online table tennis sites in the world has posted Austin's picture from the U.S. Nationals tournament. When we were in the Evanston Tournament, Meg told us that Austin's picture was on there. I couldn't believe it. I went home and checked and sure enough, he is on there.

It won't be on there forever I'm sure so check it out now at:

Otherwise, here is a screen shot:

There were several people there with state of the art cameras taking pictures, but I thought they wouldn't waste film on "normal" players. How nice to take pictures of real people who play instead of just those who are pros. Exciting stuff!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stuffed up nose

For the past couple weeks I've had a stuffed up nose. It would vary anywhere from being barely congested, to nearly 100% congested. Swimming definitely helped. After workouts I would nearly be clear. At first I thought it was just that I needed to change my pillow and clean the bed since that is what worked with the last episodes.

But all that thorough cleaning didn't work. Then yesterday while at work I decided enough was enough. I got an appointment to see Dr. Edson at the Intermountain Allergy Clinic. He asked me some questions and then looked inside my nose. He said I had polyps that could either be reduced in size using a nasal steriod called Nasacort, or through surgery.

He said I should continue the allergy tests. Even after the polyps either go down, or are surgically removed, they can come back if the allergy symptoms come back. So its critical that we nip this allergy in the bud. After four weeks of using nasacort if the polyps are still there are restricting my breathing, I'll have to go in for surgery.

Two extremely annoying sign offs on KCPW ads

I listen to NPR and KCPW quite a bit with my commute. For the most part I find most of their programs interesting and keep my mind off the sometimes hour long commute. However there are a couple of ads that play several times a day that cause me considerable annoyance:

  1. Liberty Heights Fresh signoff - What's up with the "hey" sounding so dumb.

  2. Tabula Rasa wordsmith signoff - Can they find anyone more gay sounding than this guy? And why does he have to put so much emphasis on the 't's in the word matter?

Everytime I hear these commercials I know what the signoff will be, and I'll either turn it before getting to that point, or I'll listen so I can get my daily allowance of rage. Am I warped, or are they ads meant to piss the listener off?