Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coworker lookalike Contest

For many years I have worked with specific people at my workplace. There are a handful that in my eyes are lookalikes with other famous people. I sincerely like these coworkers and in no way mean to disrespect them. I just am impressed with their likeness to somebody else. Which of these is the best match? Again - no disrespect. I consider these folks as friends!





Lynn (Best pic I could find):


And once a childhood friend told me I looked like the guy on Mad Magazine:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big O Tires experience

I had a very nasty experience with Burt Brothers tires several years ago and since then have been very paranoid about repair shops. I moved over to Big O Tires about three years ago for my tires needs and any other repairs.

This last week my brakes were squeeking pretty badly so I took the car in. The tires needed to get rotated anyways (which was free since I bought my tires there anyway). They called me and said the brakes had just a glaze on them and that the pads still had 1/2 of their life left.

I was very happy that their claim to being "honest" from their commercials was the real thing. He could have very easily told me the squeeking was part of the reason why they needed to be replaced and I wouldn't have thought much about it. I'm very glad that there is a tire store that can change my generalistic and norrow-minded belief that "All mechanics are gonna go to hell".

Friday, August 22, 2008

My new favorite place to eat - Vosen's Bread Paradise

I'm not easily impressed when it comes to food. It has to be really bad to be bad in my opinion, and really good to be good. Well, back on June 18th 2008 I was finishing my bike ride in to work and was really craving something to fill me up. I was passing this yellow old house on 200 West which was just around the corner of where I work. I noticed that it was a "German Bakery". It is called Vosen's Bread Paradise. Boy does it really live up to that name!

As Grandpa Richins would say, "This food is larapin!". In German it would be "Das essen ist köstlich!"

I decided to go in and see what they offered. Everything looked so good. Everything displayed looked fantastic. I decided to try a loaf of whole wheat bread. It was so fresh! It was perfect. I got a "Buy 10 loaves, get one free" card. I've tried the German Salt Pretzels, the whole wheat bread, and some other loaf of a sweet bread that had poppy's and almonds in it. So good! This is now my favorite place to eat. According to their website, the ingredients are just basic things. No artificial stuff.

I'm very pleased with the bread and pretzels. I haven't tried many of the treats because I'm on a diet and if I got hooked on those, I'd probably gain it all back, but when I walk in I get a little emotional because I feel like I'm walking into a real German bakery and I feel like I'm on vacation!

I gave Mom a loaf of Whole Wheat for her birthday when I stopped by for lunch one day and she enjoyed it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Line of Authority

Every holder of the Priesthood out of necessity needs to have a line of his Priesthood authority connect to the official source, Jesus Christ, where the power of the Priesthood comes from.

Here I am as a young man, 3 years after I received the Melchizedek Priesthood.

I was ordained an Elder from my Father, George Roger Gridley

George Roger Gridley was ordained by his father, John Calvert Gridley

John Calvert Gridley was ordained by Miles W. Romney

Miles W. Romney was ordained by Matthew Cowley

Matthew Cowley was ordained by George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith was ordained by Joseph F. Smith

Joseph F. Smith was ordained by Brigham Young

Brigham Young was ordained by Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith was ordained by the Apostles Peter, James and John

Peter, James and John were ordained by the Lord, Jesus Christ

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spinning my wheels

I've been trying to troubleshoot specific issues at work inside an area that I have no knowledge on. Getting help, but seeing how things actually get done makes me wonder why everything has to be so damn complicated!

Feeling like I'm spinning my wheels today.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two left feet

Cathi here...

At church two weeks ago, I looked down and Isaac (almost 5 years old) wasn't wearing church shoes. He was wearing tennis shoes that didn't match and at least one was on the wrong foot. To my dismay the next Sunday was a repeat of the same.

The typical routine on a Sunday morning is that I rely on the kids to get their shoes on and will ask when we get in the car if everyone has shoes on. I guess the real question from now on shouldn't be if they have shoes on but if they have matching shoes on.

Why is it that children have a 50/50 chance of getting their shoes on the right feet but they rarely get them on the right feet. At least it doesn't seem to bother them.

"Got to love those Gridleys. They make it to church but you never know who will be wearing what. It's always entertaining." I love being a mother but yet again I have been sufficiently humbled.

Lucy's Baptism

These are Lucy's words:

Today I was baptized. My Dad baptized me. Grandpa and Grandma Gridley and Low came and Sampsons came. Natalie Madsen did my hair. I sung "I like to look for rainbows" at the meeting with Brooklyn Schlagle and Emma Slater. I was little nervous going under the water.

Dad also confirmed me. My Primary leader took some pictures. I didn't really feel anything, I felt normal. Mom said that's OK. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize the Holy Ghost.