Monday, November 16, 2015

Cathi's decision to be obedient

For many years Cathi has had a dream to work for an airline as a call-center employee working from home.  Why?  Because it meant she could get tickets to travel to marathons at a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase a ticket.

She applied several times, and failed to capture the job.  But this time around she did.  It even involved a background check which required her to prove that she was unemployed while she was a mother.  I can understand proving that you were employed at a specific place, but to prove you were unemployed?  How and why in the heck is that an issue?  She had to get a letter from the dentist explaining that she was a mother working as a mother for her children and was not employed during the times in question.  Dumb.

But after all this work to get the job, she ultimately turned it down.

She looked at the shift she would be required to take for the first year.  They all included working on Sunday.  She immediately was heartbroken.

Of the nearly 120 marathons Cathi has completed so far, only one involved running on a Sunday, the San Diego Marathon back in 2004.  She has never trained on Sunday leading up to that marathon, and this experience made her feel so guilty that she vowed to never run on the Sabbath again.  This requirement to work on Sunday even though it could be done from home, was still breaking the Sabbath.  Why does the Lord ask us to keep the Sabbath Day Holy?

According to Elder James E. Faust in this talk, he suggests:

  1. To allow our bodies to physically recover.
  2. To renew and strengthen our spirits by attending our Sunday meetings
  3. To respect his commandment to rest on this day.  To be obedient.
Even the Savior rested after the creation.

Surely answering phones can't be all that physically straining, and she would probably be able to work a shift that allowed her to still attend Sacrament meeting.  It would be fairly easy to justify moving forward with the job.  But those two justifications wouldn't be able to explain away the fact that it would still be disobedient to a commandment.

I'm proud of her decision to turn the job down despite her overwhelming desire to get that job with the special perk of free airline travel.  It shows a great level of trust in the Lord, and she is a great example to our children of faith and obedience.  I feel very blessed to have such a strong woman as my companion!  She definitely is the center of our family!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Isaac's 12 year old birthday poem

By Grandma and Grandpa Low -

Dear Isaac,

We know it is your birthday -
And want to wish you well
Because you are our grandson
And because you are SO SWELL.

For you've just turned 12 YEARS OLD
And you're going to have the Priesthood
Which is "worth its weight in GOLD!"

You've learned so much in primary
And given service too.
The Articles of Faith you learned
And been a Cub Scout too!

You delight in helping others
And you seem to always know
The perfect way to lend a hand
And then your love you show.

You are so very organized
And a hard worker too.
There's no job that's too much for you
And nothing you can't do.

For once you set to mind to it,
You're off and running fast,
And leaving others in the dust
Until the job is past.

You're taking swimming lessons
 And are getting very good.
And that's because you practice
And do the things you should.

You've learned to be a swimmer
Who can really stay afloat.
And we hope that you'll be with us
If we ever sink a boat.

We think if you keep swimming
And learning from your Dad,

Who can really "KNOCK 'EM DOWN"
And we love to watch you playing!

Your smile is truly radiant
And your face is handsome too.
You radiate the Savior's light
In all you say and do.

Our poetry is lacking
But somehow we had to tell

We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful grandson than you, ISAAC!
All our love,
Grandpa and Grandma

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rex Singing Telegram

Halloween was a hoot at our house.  Practically all the boys (including myself) got "Morph Suits".  They're full body suits.  Most of the suits are just one color (like black so you look like a shadow), but some have a design.  Sam for instance picked one that made him look like a mummy.  The rest of the boys had all black.  I found one that looked like a farmer, a redneck.  I wore it to work and scared quite a few people.  The face is pretty disturbing.  Not scary in a gory kind of way, just really weird looking.  I was roaming the halls at work talking like a redneck holding my chicken in my arms.  Got laughed at pretty good.  The front yard I setup a large caged area with the turkeys and handed out the candy while bluegrass music was playing.  Fun times. The day after Halloween Jacob was asked to a girls choice dance.  He asked me to answer for him by doing a singing telegram.  Here it is

Cathi loved it.  She didn't think I would be able to act that well.  Guess I'm a redneck at heart.