Monday, December 29, 2008

Rotten Tomatoes

I don't know how many times I have to realize that I should research how good a movie is before seeing it. I've seen and bought several "duds" based on hype. Never again. I told the kids we would go see to "The Tale Of Desperaux". Mostly because that was Austin's first significant book report that he did in third or fourth grade. I've not read the book, but just remember Austin really enjoyed it.

Well I found a site that will give reviews and allow viewers to rate the movie called The idea is that each movie is either ripe or green. Looks like a neat site. Apparently Tale of Deseperaux is just OK, not fantastic, or really bad, but just OK. Maybe I'll hold off going to the theater for that one then and rent it when it comes out. Will have to find another kid movie that is worthy of seeing in the theater instead.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 US National Table Tennis Tournament

This last week our family went to Las Vegas to participate in the US National Tournament. We stayed in the Marriott Wyndham hotel. We had a suite with three rooms. We had Austin's Table Tennis Coach, Glenn Brown stay in one of the rooms with us. We had a fun time. The days were long as we spent the entire day at the Convention Center.

Austin played in 4 events, Jacob in 2 events, and I played in 3 events. I hadn't been practicing very much leading up to this tournament and bombed pretty bad last month in the Utah Open so I was pretty sure I was going to lose points. Currently I'm rated at 1447. I played in the 1800 & U, 1600 & U, 1500 & U events. I played very well and my final results were 7 wins - 4 losses. I advanced in the 1500 & Under and made it into quarterfinals, but lost to a cute Indian kid. He won the first game, I won the second and he got two more to kick me out of the division. All in all a very fun tournament for me.

Austin did well to, although he was emotionally disappointed when he did lose. He still needs to work on his attitude. I was watching Ethan Chua play. That kid is the full package. He's very talented and when he makes a mistake he blows it off and doesn't let it affect his next point.

Jacob played well. We need to get him some special training with Glenn as well. Up until now he hasn't shown any real interest in the sport, which has changed.

Cathi stayed at the hotel with the kids the second day. The first and third days were very long for her and the kids. They had fun running around, but its a long day. Next year they'll stay home.

We gave a fellow Utah Table Tennis player, Meg Tsedenbal, a ride home to Salt Lake from Vegas. She was pleasant to ride with and we enjoyed her company. When we got to St. George we all went to Golden Corral. Oliver, who is 18 months was eating and in his delight would often yell out. Not scream, but just yell out in joy. An old couple who were eating there (probably for their 50th wedding anniversary) and I heard the old man say not too quietly, "We picked the wrong side of this restaurant". I laughed out loud when I heard that.

Click here for a video highlight:


Gordon - Increased rating from 1447 to 1484
Austin - Increased rating from 723 to 1041 (7th best rating increase at the entire tournmanent (Of 604 participants))
Jacob - Remained the same at 449

Friday, December 12, 2008

Setting a JTableHeader's height

WARNING: BORING POST, but possibly helpful to Mr. G in the future.....

The following code doesn't resize the height of a JTableHeader as I would suspect:


instead the following is what worked:

qtyTable.getTableHeader().setPreferredSize(new Dimension(qtyTable.getTableHeader().getWidth(),30));

It's uglier, but at least it works. Tried finding a solution online, and after finding several others that didn't work, this is the one that did.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Software HQ - ripping people off

I wanted to look into getting Nero Burning ROM for Vista 64 Home Premium. I already bought a license for my old machine, but want to burn on my new desktop. So I went online to get download an updated version. I went to Software and signed up for the one year subscription since they showed as having Nero.

Come to find out that the service they provide is only a link to the trialware version of Nero. You still have to pay for the Full version of Nero. OK - so the Software HQ people provided me with what? It's not like you need a third party to download trialware.

What a rip off! I complained and they sent me a crappy response back basically saying "Aha! We got you! And the lengthy disclaimer that you put a checkbox into says you can't get your money back. Ha ha!" I'm a doofus and Software HQ is lame.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another modern String Quartet

I just learned today that I have an alternative to great quartet music besides Apocolyptica. There are String Quartet tributes full of covers from various modern artists. Some of my favorites! (System of a Down, Tool, Disturbed) Good stuff. Only thing is a quartet just isn't enough. It would be better if an entire symphony did these covers. The music just isn't very rich, although its fine in simplicity.

Only thing is, they should now try to come out with more original stuff. The three albums I got only came with two original compositions, which are very good! Apocolyptica's best music is what they wrote, not the covers. I'll keep an eye on VSQ for any other good albums.

"My tapeworm tells me what to do" - System of a down

Although I bet its alot like watching a sequel movie or reading a second series book without partaking of the first one. How do these songs sound to those who've never tasted of the original? Comments...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls that last aren't found filling up a glass

I had to comment on Michael Phelps. The guy can swim fast, but he's no hero. He's had trouble in the past with driving while drunk, and now he's heading into real trouble gambling and getting serious with a cocktail waitress/stripper. He's lightning fast in the water, but he's a pretty slow upstairs.

Michael - here's a song I edited just for you....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bad Boys wear beanies too

Lucy misplaced her beanie which Cathi got her from Jen Ralphs. After church I found it and put it on and it was very comfortable. I got quite a few comments from those smart-alec kids throughout the afternoon. Cathi took a picture and I was thinking about buying a bunch of them and marketing them as "Bad Boyz Beenies" I kind of like it.

Seriously though - some cool hats.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My new PG-13 boycott

I'm a huge Star Trek New Generation fan. I noticed that there is a new Star Trek (original) movie coming out next summer. I saw the trailer and was pretty excited about it until I saw a half second bedroom shot and that made me so mad! Why do movie and TV writers need to sexualize every show!! Why can't they just leave that crap for the real bad movies? What does sex have to do with space exploration? Nothing! Granted the original Star Trek TV show was itself poorly written with James Kirk being a total womanizer, but C'Mon!

I've decided I'm done with PG-13 movies. Cause even if the movie has great story/action, etc, they have almost always got some stupid sex scene in it and I've totally had it supporting that kind of crappy "filler" in a movie where it doesn't belong. I challenge you to join me in my boycott of PG-13 movies, especially if there is any hint of "suggestive" or "adult" content in it. In fact I'm going through my collection and chucking anything that has that crap in it.

The other day I came home and Austin was watching "Balls of Fury". I got really mad at him for that. But I have nobody to blame but myself for having that crap in my house. I like ping pong, but that movie was a total disgrace to the sport. I know its all in jest and its supposed to be funny, but it wasn't. I'm pissed off. All of my PG-13 movies are going in the garbage. That will probably clean out about 75% of my collection.

Taking a stand! Not that I'm expecting it to have any affect on movie makers, but at least it will make a difference in the level of wholesomeness of entertainment in my house. Too much crap right now.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Two surprises at the Swim Meet

Last Saturday I participated in the SDRC masters swim meet (Click here for details). There were two main surprises:

  1. Alistair Cockburn - I've seen this guy once at Tomax. He is a friend of Jeff Patton's. Alistair is a world renowned Agile Development professional. He has written several books and is an expert in the field of Software Development Project workflow. Stuff that goes WAY over my head. Anyhow I found this page last week which at first I thought, "Nah, maybe its a different Alistair." But that is a unique name and sure enough he showed up at the meet and kicked butt. I had no idea he was that old. I thought he was the same age as Jeff and I (late thirties or something). He's really fast, and not just for an old guy, just plain fast.

  2. I saw Sarah Bowman from Ricks College and noted her married name is now Sarah Hansen. I should have said hello, but I was shocked to see her. I saw her in St. George once at the Marathon down there and didn't say hello, and I didn't say hello this time either. It's not like we're enemies or anything. I could have said "Hi", but I'm a chicken liver and a social moron. It's not like saying Hi to an old crush is really flirting or anything. Next time.

I was very pleased with my results. Cathi did good too. But she isn't as concerned about swimming as I am. She's focused on running right now. She is going down to Nevada to the Valley of Fire Marathon next Saturday and hopes to go to a couple more marathon's before next spring's Boston Marathon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Date with Lucy

I took Lucy about three years ago to Disney's Princess On Ice and she loved it. Last night I took her to Disney on Ice. It was fun to have a one on one date with my only daughter. She sometimes gets left out of connecting with Dad cause she's not into table tennis, lifting, or swimming laps like the boys are. So this was a great opportunity to be together.

We parked at my work and walked over. Based on the Princess on Ice show several years ago I knew the Disney vendors would be mad at work trying to get me to spend over 100% markup on their goods being sold at the event, so the day before I went to Wal-mart and picked up two small Disney items: A light up princess wand and a fake princess cell-phone. I presented them to her at the beginning of our walk and she was on cloud nine. I had to keep her from skipping the whole way there.

I did pay for a program though. I do like those cause they're big, full colored pictures of the thing so she can take it home and it can be looked at over and over. She still has the princess one floating around somewhere at home. I also let her take the camera for pictures that she thought would be good to take.

I saw Andrew from a distance walking over there with his wife and daughters, but when we got there, there number of people in the stands made it impossible to spot him.

During the Mulan portion of the show, Mulan reenacted the shooting of the rocket to cause an avalanche. To represent the snow, a big white sheet came down from the rafters and several skaters grabbed it and moved it over the big group of Hun armies. Lucy leaned over and said pathetically, "Is that the best they can do?". I had to laugh. She's turning into cynical Dad. Oh well. After we walked back to Tomax and then we went out for some dinner. She got to choose any restaurant, and she chose KFC.

KFC? Ugh. Could have been worse I guess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cathi's Marriage Survey

Hi there family and friends! Cathi here. I'm preparing a lesson on marriage this Sunday and have a very short three question survey I'd like you to fill out if you would take a quick minute. It's an anonymous survey. Click Here to take survey

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

Love Cathi

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Isaac's Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Yesterday we went to the Chuck E Cheese in Layton. He invited Rachel, Ethan and Gentry too. We got there early so it wasn't so crowded, but as the day went on it was insane! We had 200 tokens and they went fast!

From Family

From Family

From Family

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

I was too lazy to really plan this year's costume. In fact I was planning on doing nothing. But I couldn't stand to be a deadbeat two years in a row, so this morning I went with the standby costume I used several years ago: Australian Cowboy (Man from Snowy River)

I know, Lame. But doing nothing is lamer.

Costume from two years ago was better.

Last night I saw this on the office and thought the joker part at the beginning (:10 - :24) was hilarious. Especially considering there is another guy here in the office dressed like Indiana Jones and looks alot like my lame costume.

Here are the kids:
From Family

From Family

From Family

From Family

From Family

From Family

From Family

From Family

I told the kids I would confiscate their candy if they were pigs and left their wrappers everywhere. Guess how long they lasted. 3 hours. This morning I saw wrappers all over and the main culprit was Austin. I took all their candy and weighed it and it came in at 19.8 pounds. That was after they ate probably 2 pounds each. I'll now be responsible for giving them rations of the candy back on the condition that they put the few wrappers they get in the garbage.

Fun times.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Don't get me wrong Apocalyptica is great! I love the band, their music and their style. But tonight's concert was less than thrilling. Their spring concert on the other hand was overwhelmingly awesome. I asked myself why and have come up with the following reasons:

1) More violent music selection. They only played two songs that were mellow enough for me to really enjoy: Bittersweet and I Don't Care. "Eric" (Eicca Toppinen) prefaced the Bittersweet song mentioning that last time they came there were alot of ugly men in the crowd and dedicated the song to the pretty girls in the crowd. Whoah there Eric. Take a look at your drummer and don't tell me you think that guy isn't ugly.

They played "Betrayal", but not the followup part which is so much better: "Forgiveness"! Why didn't they play some of the old mellower songs like "Farewell", or "Faraway". A couple examples of songs they played which contributed to the violent atmosphere was "Hall of the Mountain King" and "Fight Fire with Fire" Since the song selections were consistently headbanging stuff, it leads to the next main problem with the concert.

2)Retarded Mosh losers. There was a little bit of moshing going on at the spring concert, but nothing major. This time it was much worse. When people mosh it should be with a group that wants to do it. When they push people that clearly are trying to protect themselves or their loved ones, its out of control. Which leads to my final negative point for the night.

3)In the Venue security. They reminded me more of prairie dogs, rather than badgers who weren't gonna take any crap. They were pansies and I saw them only take one guy out of a half dozen who was out of control, only to let him back in to continue his moshing 10 minutes later. What a joke of a venue. This is the last time I'm going "in the venue".

But I don't want to be all negative. Just like last time I enjoyed the way Antero conducted himself. Mr. Business. Playing the music, being professional. Laughed at how he pushed Perttu away at the end when he tried hugging him all sweaty. Why doesn't Perttu ever wear a shirt? I don't know which is worse, being fat without a shirt, or being bony without a shirt.

I guess I'm getting old and enjoy the more sober music Apocalyptica plays, which wasn't played much at all tonight unfortunately.

I'm sad that I was disappointed. I was so looking forward to this concert.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm married to an Angel

Today during Sunday School the discussion was about Christ-like attributes and what kept coming to mind for me was "selfless". Yesterday I had to take a trip to the dump to get rid of some old tree branches. Cathi went too. When we were done unloading, Cathi asked if we should help the guy parked next to us unload his stuff. He was a middle aged man who was alone unloading some pallets, and didn't look in great need. I said "No, let's go". She said, "It won't take long c'mon, let's help him".

My thought was "Great! If we help him then another fella will drive up and Cathi will want to help him. We'd be here all day!". I told her, "I have to go over to the metal recycling bin to drop off the old washing machine and then I'll whistle for you and I want you to go when you hear me." She agreed and she helped the guy.

When I muscled the washing machine to it's spot I whistled and Cathi was able to help the guy completely empty out his trailer. So when I think of being Christ-like, Cathi is the kind of person I look up to for actually doing it. I sure married up in the spiritual food chain.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What would you do?

It's tough to say what you would do in a given situation, cause it's a "what if". But what would you do if you were at a self checkout and found $20 in the cash dispenser when you started scanning your items?

I mean it could belong to anybody right? How would Walmart be able to track down whose it really was? What if giving it to the cashier over the 6 different self checkout registers just meant that the cashier would pocket it?

Is this a tough decision? What would you do? Comments appreciated.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weezer In Salt Lake City

Last night I went to the E-center to see Weezer in concert.

The first band was Tokyo Police Club. The music was OK, but I didn't know any of the songs and none of the songs were all that catchy. They played from 7:30 - 8:00. Then the stage crew moved stuff around till 8:30 when Angels and Airwaves came out.

I heard that name before, but I thought it was the name of a CD Shop, not a band. Once the lead singer opened his mouth I recognized why I didn't know the band. In the past, when I heard this band on the radio I changed the station. His voice is too high pitched and nasally for my liking. But to top off having to hear that voice for an hour, I had to put up with his big headedness strutting around on stage using profanity. In one song he introduced it talking about sex like a sixth grader and using obscene gestures. What a doofus. One hour of torture to endure before hearing a great band. I wondered why Weezer chose such a wimpy and terrible band to open the concert. My theory is so that the concert goers could really appreciate it when the main show came out. It looks like Denver didn't like Angels and Airwaves performance either.

When Weezer came out they were all wearing white jump suits and they started out with "My name is Jonas". (This song introduced me to a name which I liked and gave to one of my sons, several years ago) It was great. I really enjoyed the way Rivers conducted himself onstage: Not one use of offensive language, and had a sense of humility and humor which was a breath of fresh air compared to the band before.

He spoke of his experience with his Daughter Mia, at the Discovery Gateway where she would go shopping at the fake grocery store. He told a short story how another kid there was selfish with the toys and unwilling to share with his daughter. He said, "but that's life, sad, but it happens". Which made me sad that it happened here in Salt Lake, but like he said, "that's life". I could tell he is a good Dad and a great role model.

My favorite song of the night would have to go to "King", sung by the Bass Guitarist, Scott Shriner who has a fantastic voice! Spot on!

Other songs that I especially enjoyed during this show were, "Pork and Beans", "Say It Ain't So", "Pink Triangle" and "Dope Nose" and of course "Buddy Holly"

Rivers invited the lead singer from Angels and Airwaves out to sing "Undone - the Sweater Song", which his nasally girly voice didn't do justice, but thankfully he was only out for one song.

What was really cool is they invited a whole symphony of local people onstage to perform "Island In The Sun" and "Beverly Hills". There was such a diverse group of instruments and people. Rivers went around and talked with the different performers. Man I like this guy!

I was hoping to hear "This Is Such A Pity" or "Pardon Me", but there are so many great songs by Weezer, they just couldn't play them all.

This was a great concert and I'm glad I went although it would have been a much better evening had they just played at 7:30 and then had the other bands go after so I could have left and still had a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another disturbing dream

Last night I had another nightmare where I woke up in a jump.

I was on a bike ride and stopped somewhere real quick and left my bike in front of a building leaning up against the front window in which I could clearly see. I saw another biker come by who was pulling a trailer with two kids in it. He quickly picked up my bike and laid it on top of the trailer and then told the kids to hold on while he tried to ride off with it.

I was only about 20 feet inside the building when I saw him do this and very easily could have run him down and given him the beating of his life. But so traumatic this experience was of seeing my "Humphrey" getting stolen made me wake up. Gee, I was disappointed that my mind wimped out at that point instead of letting me attempt to make a rescue. I had to laugh. I thought to myself, "You pussy. It's not like you were falling to you're death. Why did you wake up!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Austin's First Priesthood Conference

I challenged Austin to take notes. If he gave me at least one paragraph per speaker and one page total we would go for ice cream afterwards. Here is what he wrote:

Richard G. Scott - Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a priesthood holder. To be careful in these latter days, and watch our moral values.

Jay E. Jensen - We must be like Jesus, and have mercy. We can always have Jesus' spirit. We need to dress appropriately at church. We can be forgiven.

James J. Hamila - Satan was cast out of heaven, and came to earth with a vengeance to cause other misery. Now he is trying harder than ever to bring us to his lowly state, we have to resist him and endure to the end. We need to be sober. Satan is using his alcohol, tobacco, smoking, bad language and pornography and by other means to lead us away. If we try our best and live righteously, we will live with him again. If we do fall astray we need to repent and perhaps seek help.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf - We can't help where we are, but we can try our best. We must accept our callings and doing our best is what we need to do on any calling. neither should we shirk from being asked to say a prayer. We should be happy that we get the opportunity. We need to not give up and we should do our calling. No matter what the excuse. Every calling is the same in the eyes of God. We should act like we are a bishop and take our callings seriously. If you are overwhelmed with your calling remember that the Lord thinks you can do it.

Henry B. Eyring - Our callings are hard but we must not give up. We need to do our best when the going gets tough. The Lord sent us to Earth to be tested. We need to have faith.

Thomas S. Monson - Our main responsibility is our family. We should share the gospel. We can make a difference. Three things we need to do:
  1. Learn that we should learn

  2. Do what we should do

  3. Be what we should be

We must not neglect our callings. We should consider our callings as a messenger of the Lord. Even a prophet can lose his faith. Attitude is everything. When you have troubles, pray. We can be an example we can get answers through prayer. The Lord dedicated his life to saving this proud people but in our blindness we killed for trying to save us. The Lord will not lead us away now. We can trust him with our lives. That is why he is the king of the world. I will serve him.

Austin commented afterwards that the meeting went fast and that he was able to enjoy the meeting by taking notes. He was able to pay attention and not just day dream the whole time like he does during conference. I was proud of him and not hesitant to take him to Baskin Robbins for a double scoop cone.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Meeting a major goal - Bike from Pocatello to Syracuse

Cathi dropped me off at Grandma and Grandpa's house last night. We visited for a couple hours and I went to bed. The night's sleep was great, but it seemed like it went too fast. I got up had a bowl of cereal and left @ 6:15am. I was frustrated with how I couldn't really see the road too good even though I had a bright headlight. I missed one turn and had to backtrack a little. The temperature was warmer than I thought so about 30 minutes into the ride I stripped off all my long black pepper under clothes and wrapped them up nicely around my frame.

I was surprised how hilly it was. It was tough. I was able to build up my average speed to 17.2 mph at one point and it went back down at several points but I ended up at 17.1 mph.

When I arrived at Preston I stopped at several places to take pictures of Napolean Dynamite places. I included those in the video below. Had lunch at Logan's Heroes at the south end of Main Street. Had a very tasty sandwich. Had a stomach ache for about a half hour after that cause it was a big sandwich. Felt better though and started heading up the monster hill going to Brigham City. When I got to the top I was happy knowing that the rest of the ride was totally down hill. I got some serious speed the rest of the way and was able to take my average speed from 16.4 to 17.1 by the time I got home.

Cathi and the kids had set up a couple posters and were jumping up and down yelling "Yah Dad!" and stuff. It was nice to see them waiting for me in the front and happy to see me finish. I was able to really book it once I got to Roy. I had an accommodating tailwind from that point on. Was going over 23 mph down Gordon. Nice finish! Click the image below for a video.
From Biking

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Drop the fear!

This financial situation we're facing in the USA isn't pretty that's for sure. But I read a blog post today that included a quote from Thomas Jefferson which was so full of crap that I had to post my own thoughts.

I'm not a financial guru, and the current problem is way over my head. But I doubt if the entire economy fell flat on its face that we'd have all these empty houses and everyone living on the street. That's absurd.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Terrifying dreams of Death

Last night I had quite a long terrifying dream which seemed so real. If you have any thoughts or possible interpretations, please comment! I'm open to accept your ideas.

It had been a week of storms in Salt Lake and it was flooding all of downtown. It was to the point where you couldn't drive anymore. I swam over to the Church Office Building downtown figuring it was the tallest building in Salt Lake City. (Why didn't I just swim over to City Creek Canyon to dry land?)

I was on the 26th floor and 50 foot waves were crashing into the building and the whole thing rumbled. I looked over the edge and didn't see roads or even smaller buildings. They were completely underwater. The water kept rising and the waves that were crashing into the building were now seen at the edge at the top, much like this picture. I went in the lobby and someone was watching the local news which said that all of the valley was underwater and thousands were dead. The phone lines were down and I was unable to find out the status of Cathi and the kids.

I was fearful they might have drowned. I prayed, but I felt as if God was angry and we were being punished and that I would soon drown. As the waves started splashing over the top of the plexiglass, I went inside and went up the two more levels to level 28 where the Church Security Department is. We talked about our options, and they didn't really have any. Then I heard the sound of steel breaking and stretching as the building slowly was tipping sideways.

Before the building completely tipped over I woke up. Man! What is up with that dream? That was a bad one! Lately my dreams have been very vivid!

The night before I dreamt I was a lifeguard at a beach area. I was really hungry so I went up the trail to the lifeguard house to get something to eat (which was against the rules for when you were on duty). After my meal and on my way down the trail to the beach, someone was frantically running up the trail screaming, "Help! Help! Someone has just drowned down at the dock." My heart sank knowing that I should have been there. I was fired, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, spent 2 years in prison, and then sued by the family of the dead kid. Woke up in a cold sweat.

Why the sudden recurrence of death dreams lately? I had another death dream before the lifeguard one, but I forgot it and didn't log it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quality Appliance Service definitely NOT living up to their name

A month ago we had a problem with our Whirlpool in wall oven. I looked in the phone book and found a full page ad from Quality Appliance Service. They sent a guy out who took things apart and claimed that somebody had "hacked" the oven. He found a problem with the thermostat and said it would cost $200 to fix. We ordered the part and when he came back then said it was a bigger problem than that and that it would cost in the neighborhood of $700 more to fix.

To be fair, he worked hard and was visibly frustrated with the situation. He pulled all of the framing around the oven off and put it in the next room. We decided to get a second opinion before throwing out another $700. So we called another company. They came out and quoted $300. We went with that company.

The ovens now work, but apparently the repair guy from Quality Appliance Service had torn the framing apart so much that the ovens are falling from within the wall. Cathi called to see if they send him back out to put it back together, but they refused. The call got quite heated and Cathi is left pretty flustered.

If you need appliance repair done in Davis County, please avoid Quality Appliance Service for oven repair because our experience was that it was NOT quality and it was highly overpriced!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Infected Mushroom coming to Salt Lake

I finally found a link to where I can get tickets. I'm going to have to do some sweet talking tonight to get Cathi to approve of me going to this concert. I'm already going to Weezer and Apocalyptica in October. I'm not typically a concert goer, but these are all bands I love.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apocalyptica again!

I am so psyched! I just found out from someone who left a comment on my original posting of this year's concert, that Apocalyptica is coming to Salt Lake City again! And next month - October 21st. I just checked with Cathi and I am going to this concert. I just bought tickets here. That will be the best $20.00 you could ever spend for a concert. It will be a fantastic show.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coworker lookalike Contest

For many years I have worked with specific people at my workplace. There are a handful that in my eyes are lookalikes with other famous people. I sincerely like these coworkers and in no way mean to disrespect them. I just am impressed with their likeness to somebody else. Which of these is the best match? Again - no disrespect. I consider these folks as friends!





Lynn (Best pic I could find):


And once a childhood friend told me I looked like the guy on Mad Magazine: