Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My personal presidential voting history

Someday when I'm old and in a wheelchair I may look back on my life and my role in the history books and the events of the times, so I'm adding it here with a few thoughts:

I turned 18 on May 26, 1990, so that made me eligible for voting for the following presidential elections:

YearCandidate I voted forWho won
1992I was on my mission
but would have
voted for George H. Bush
Bill Clinton
1996Bob DoleBill Clinton
2000George W. BushGeorge W. Bush
2004John KerryGeorge W. Bush
2008Barack ObamaBarack Obama
2012Gary JohnsonBarack Obama
2016Evan McMullinDonald Trump

Some of my reasoning:

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump was running his campaign with a lot of racial and extremist comments, and Hillary was under investigation by the FBI for her handling of classified email being sent/received on a private server. Not to mention her handling of Benghazi.

Then Donald Trump a month before the election had a video leaked of him saying some very disturbing statements bragging about his sexual abusing women. Definitely had to stay with my independent vote.

Gary Johnson came across as a moron, so I went with Evan McMullin which actually did very well in Davis County. He actually came in second place behind Donald Trump in Davis County, UT. With Hillary taking third place. But ultimately Donald Trump won Utah, and Hillary took second for Utah.

I was unable to convince Cathi to join me in my vote.  My second oldest son Jacob had influenced her to pinch her nose and vote trump which she did.

At this point I realized that the two party system is greatly flawed as I noticed that our government was resembling two big kids in a playground chest bumping for power rather than protecting the little kids (their constituents). So I realized that my independent vote would mean little, but at this point, I was voting on principle. Despite the fact that I really liked Mitt Romney much better than Gary Johnson.  Didn't know squat about Gary Johnson (which I realize was bad that I voted for him), but I was so angry at the two party system that I didn't care.

I actually voted for (and contributed $25) to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Still angry with President Bush re: Iraq, at this point in time I associated with the Democratic party.

I was extremely upset with George Bush over the Iraq invasion. The "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was not the case, and I was very angry about him going to war over something that was completely false.

Bill Clinton with his Monica Lewinski scandal, made him the worst possible president in my eyes. Video of his denial, and eventual admission.