Friday, February 8, 2008

Stuffed up nose

For the past couple weeks I've had a stuffed up nose. It would vary anywhere from being barely congested, to nearly 100% congested. Swimming definitely helped. After workouts I would nearly be clear. At first I thought it was just that I needed to change my pillow and clean the bed since that is what worked with the last episodes.

But all that thorough cleaning didn't work. Then yesterday while at work I decided enough was enough. I got an appointment to see Dr. Edson at the Intermountain Allergy Clinic. He asked me some questions and then looked inside my nose. He said I had polyps that could either be reduced in size using a nasal steriod called Nasacort, or through surgery.

He said I should continue the allergy tests. Even after the polyps either go down, or are surgically removed, they can come back if the allergy symptoms come back. So its critical that we nip this allergy in the bud. After four weeks of using nasacort if the polyps are still there are restricting my breathing, I'll have to go in for surgery.


DD said...

You should ask what the risks are of surgery, cause I believe I heard of someone with nasal polyps and lost the sense of smell or taste (can't remember which) due to having that surgery. I could be mistaken, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Good luck with fixing that problem.

Gords said...

I've done some research on it and I haven't heard that people have lost their senses, but regained them. At any rate the past couple days have been fantastic and I'm nearly 100% clear so I may not have to go through with this.