Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"What A Pain in the Butt...."

Cathi noticed at the last Gridley party that Mom and Dad have this sign up on the wall surrounded by family pictures. Cathi's parents also have the same sign up at the cabin surrounded by all the grandkids.

Cathi voiced her thoughts on the saying "All Because Two People Fell In Love..." She said that it was cheesy. If Cathi says something is cheesy, it really is! Usually I'm the one accusing people/songs as cheesy and Cathi thinks I'm just dumb and hard. But Cathi was noticeably bugged by this saying. She mentioned that kids are alot of work and that Grandkids aren't simply because two people fell in love. They're the result of a lot hard work, sweat and tears.

Grandparents definitely have a role in the rearing of children. But the active role goes to the parents.

Cathi said that a more appropriate sign would be "What a pain in the butt..." meaning that child rearing involves alot of pain, as well as a lot of tongue in cheek type humor in order to cope mentally with the stress. Don't get me wrong. Cathi loves our children and does her best to nurture them. So don't go thinking she's a bad parent (especially since we had a "bad parent" experience not too far back).

Anyhow, I designed this sign for anyone who would like to place orders!
Just leave a comment of how many copies you would like and I'll get them made up and sent out to you for display in your own home!

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