Friday, May 29, 2009

Cathi calls me lukewarm

I call it "laid back". Sometimes when I let the kids watch a mild PG-13, or if I do a minor sabbath breaking activity, Cathi will chide me with "Luke, Luke". I guess I could tell her "at least I'm not a Laodicean".

Laodicean? Yes - I'm expanding my vocab which is probably about as high as a fifth grader. Last night we watched the National Spelling Bee on TV. I wanted the kid who took 2nd place to win. Some facts about him came up and he liked They Might Be Giants. What a down to earth kid! I was sad when he missed the word that opened the door for this girl to take first place. Oh well.

Lots of brainy kids out there. Very scary. I was hoping they'd ask one kid to spell my favorite Napoleon Dynamite word:


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