Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The league of ignorant and assembly of indifferent

This particular "vent" post has been deleted to avoid being interpreted as a personal attack upon people who shouldn't feel like that.

Bottom line - this post was about how to be better about sincerely communicating with people we love and care about.  Everybody can improve in this area, especially myself.  So if you were one of the few who had a chance to read this original post, please excuse my "poor me" attitude.

I was in a particular pissy mood this morning and took it out inappropriately in this post and wouldn't want certain parties to take it personal and get their feelings hurt.  Hopefully I can improve my own actions in this area too.


Stacey said...

I really think that what you are doing is amazing!!! I can't imagine doing what you are doing, it takes A LOT of self discipline and determination. I thought that I was going to DIE during the swim of my a pool.
Well, sorry that you feel this way about the fam...I for one think you are amazing - I guess I just need to express it more!

Gords said...

One thing I can't stand at work is when everyone is called into a meeting and ripped on for something that somebody did and everyone is made to feel like they did something wrong, when in fact the blowup was all over just a just a few instances by just a few people.

I guess I've done just that. This shotgun approach isn't the best way to address my concern. But I needed to vent this morning.

In fact Brendon took a huge chunk of time last weekend to support me on a swim at GSL, so I don't mean to lump every single person on the Gridley side into the same boat.

I'm just as guilty too though. I don't really know the "passions" that Richard has for example(except maybe Izzy). And unless I ask him, he's probably not going to give up too much information for me. I guess it comes down to taking quality time with family and not just come and go like we often do.

I think blogging is a GREAT way for family to get inside the heads of each other. I've learned more about you and your family a hundred times more ever since you started your family blog. So keep it up, I'm reading. I never knew you were such a chef. Nor that you took such quality time with your kids. That's awesome.

If every family had a blog (and made an occasional comment) we could all get a little more insight into the interests of what we're all doing.

But on the other hand, not everyone is as tech savvy as you and Eric. Cathi doesn't even read my stuff. So it isn't a final solution either.