Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I'm wearing purple today

This post is my opinion, I'm not posting it to start an argument, or a debate.  If you believe otherwise, fine.  I'm turning of ALL comments on this post just to be fair and to prevent wasting my time trying to read through everyone's comments on whether it is appropriate or not.  If I want your opinion (whether I agree with it or not), I will go to YOUR blog and read about it.  With that said.....

I've been invited by a facebook friend to wear purple today in recognition of the problem of gay bashing which has resulted in several teens committing suicide as a result of the harassment and bullying they've had to go through.  I'm wearing purple in hopes that the bullying, hate and fighting can stop.

I also believe that marriage is a three way contract.  God makes a contract with a man and a woman.  He is the one that instituted it, and [some men] have decided to pervert it millenia later.  Just because a government which has been pressured into disregarding the definition of the term, doesn't mean it is right.  If every single person all of a sudden chose to become homosexuals, the entire human race would be extinct in less than a hundred years.  Clearly from a scientific standpoint, homosexuality isn't natural.  Just because there is evidence of homosexuality among animals doesn't mean that it is "natural".  Humans are not simply animals.  They're children of God and were given commandments for man and women to marry, and then procreate.  Not procreate, and then Marry.  And definitely not Man and Man to marry.  Otherwise he would have made it biologically possible for man and man to procreate.   I teach my kids that homosexuality is wrong, just like fornication before marriage is wrong.  But that it isn't our place to punish or even mistreat anyone based on their choices on the matter.

Love can exist without marriage, but that doesn't mean that just because of that love that marriage is appropriate.  Marriage is supposed to be a sacred union between God, man, woman.  Take God out of it, and it really isn't marriage.  You can form "unions" that could possibly be respected by man and government, but only marriage can be respected by God.  So the problem is that we're messing with the definition of the term.  I understand why people are trying to defend the term and its definition. The problem is that we ALL need to be civil in defending our beliefs.  There is no room for extending that defense to the next level.

Equality and Human Rights
Seriously, this "equality" thing is getting out of control.  Being denied the right to vote, or to go to a school is one thing, but claiming that the term "marriage" is a human right?  That's just plain messed up.  We're talking about a term, or a definition here, not a human right.  It isn't a human right to define something a certain way.  Human rights are just that, the way humans interact.  Not how a language is used.  If a large group of people started wearing nothing but blue shoes and claimed that another group could not wear blue shoes and non violently defended their beliefs, does that necessarily make it a human right violation?  Really?

I don't think homosexuals are bad people just because of their sexual preference.  I definitely don't believe it is right to mistreat them or harass them because of their choices (and yes I believe homosexuality is a choice).  They've made their choice.  So leave them alone.  No need to persecute them for it.  What what Jesus do?  I don't think he would have his followers tasked with doing any type of punishing anyway.

In Summary
Thus I wear purple in support of treating homosexuals with kindness and not persecuting them.  I don't agree with their choice or support their opinions.  I just want PEACE and eliminate hate.