Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jacob turns 13

It's official, I now have two teenagers in my house.  Just a month ago, we became a family where diapers were no longer on the shopping list.  But with the older boys getting bigger and eating more.  The money saved from buying diapers goes right to buying more food!

Jacob is a joy to our family.  He is a really hard worker and is great at helping us out.  He is so nurturing to the younger brothers especially Oliver.   He has especially been supportive to me in my swimming adventures as a support crew captain.  I love Jacob!

Yesterday we were able to spend the day at Lagoon and I took a bunch of pictures and video.  You can seem them here:

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DD said...

I remember Jacob could say the alphabet (clearly, too) before he was even 2 years old....that boy is smart!