Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family Home Evening at Black Island Farms

We got a good deal at Fizook.com for Black Island Farm entrance.  We got there at 5:15 and went immediately to the pumpkin patch because the line was only about 20 feet long and typically is much longer than that.  Each kid got to go out in the field and pick their own pumpkin.  There was some pretty impressive ones out there.  Jacob picked his out while on the way, and ended up running back about 300 yards to get his.

After that we went in and did the corn maze and all the slides.  Lots of fun all evening!

Cathi told me "This is one of the highlights of the whole year!"  It was so fun watching all the little ones run as fast as they can from the end of the slide back to where they climb back up.  Full out sprints.
I ended up getting them small lightsabers at the farmers market.  It was hilarious watching Oliver fight with his imaginary Sith opponent.

We were there until 8:30 and it was dark and cold and lots of kids were complaining that they were too cold, even with their winter coats on.  Sams hands were like ice.  They all had a ball and burned a fun family moment into their memories.

Here's some pics and vid:

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