Monday, May 7, 2012

Sam's donut

On the way home from work Friday I picked up a huge Bowman's Donut and Sam loved it!  He could only eat 1/4 of it and then shared with his brothers.  What a good boy.  Life is good!

Cathi also ran a good marathon on Saturday.  She ran Provo Marathon and ran it in 4:02!  She was very pleased and I love it when she gets close to 4 hours.  Truly an athletic woman!

On Sunday Sam bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting.  He's so brave.  He's naturally shy like me, so things like that are hard, but I was right there to give him a little help and encouragement.

Work is going really good too.  I'm really busy and working on stuff that I feel very invested in and interested in.  So right now, life is going really well.

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