Thursday, March 26, 2015

Newgy 2050 control box electronic requirements

So I wasn't able to power up the control box for the Newgy 2050 after being in storage for a few years.  I kept getting "Wrong Voltage. Check Transformer".

So I looked online to see if I could find the electrical requirements, and thought I read somewhere "12v 1.2a", and I even took it to radio shack and had the sales associate help me.  Everything we tried ended up with the same message on the control box.

So I sent it in and they said it powered right up and the transformer I sent in was too low.  My biggest complaint is that every electonic component I've used has the electrical requirements embedded into the housing of the unit.  Not so in this case.  Nothing.

I shouldn't have to go look on the web to find out what the proper voltage/amps should be!

So I go the requirement from the tech himself on the phone:

Requirement:  15 volts, 1.6 amps

What I found online he said was probably for the 2040 control box.  This is the 2050 control box requirement!

I just sent newgy an email saying that information really should be in the owners manual!  (

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