Friday, May 29, 2015

I'm getting old

So I just had my 43rd birthday and already I'm exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimers disease.

Yesterday at 8:20pm I saw that there was a good chance of capturing a decent picture.  So I quickly drove to the end of the causeway at Antelope Island and took this picture with my fancy camera which I love!
On the way home I stopped at Walmart to get a replacement toaster for the one that died yesterday in our kitchen.

I made sure to tuck the camera case down in the protective darkness of the car on the floor and made sure all windows were up and all doors locked.  After a brief visit inside Walmart I came back out and within 5 feet of reaching my car noticed that the door was unlocked.  Probably sounding like Napolean Dynamite I said, "You're such an idiot!"  Then I noticed that the window was down! That's impossible!  Immediately went into tunnel vision mode.  I then had the impression that the window was smashed in, because that would explain why the window was "down" and the door unlocked.

I quickly got in and sat down in the drivers seat and tucked over to where I stashed the camera case. It was gone.  My blood was boiling.  I can't recall but I may have blurted a few four letter words as I was beginning to notice new things in my car:

  • A yellow paperback book on my dash
  • seat covers
  • Strange smells
Then I thought, what the heck, is this even my car?  I look over to the next car and realized I had entered the wrong car!  The window wasn't smashed in, it was just down and the driver left it down with the car unlocked.  What a doof.  Well really it was me that was the doof.

I quickly got out and as I was going over to my real car the window was up and the door locked. I realized I left my receipt on the mistaken car's drivers seat.  I was still running on adrenaline and noticed that a mother and daughter were staring at me and the mother quickly took the daughters hand as they passed by me in the parking lot. Maybe they saw my eyes were twice as big, or overheard some profanity?  I was so embarrassed.

I quickly got in, noticed my camera case was safely in its place as I drove off.  Took at least an hour to calm down.  Please someone poison me when behavior like this happens weekly.


Eric said...

Gordon, that is hilarious. Careful, we're going to have to take away your drivers license soon, too! :)

Ron said...

At least you did not go to get the police�� like my wife's husband did.