Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rex Singing Telegram

Halloween was a hoot at our house.  Practically all the boys (including myself) got "Morph Suits".  They're full body suits.  Most of the suits are just one color (like black so you look like a shadow), but some have a design.  Sam for instance picked one that made him look like a mummy.  The rest of the boys had all black.  I found one that looked like a farmer, a redneck.  I wore it to work and scared quite a few people.  The face is pretty disturbing.  Not scary in a gory kind of way, just really weird looking.  I was roaming the halls at work talking like a redneck holding my chicken in my arms.  Got laughed at pretty good.  The front yard I setup a large caged area with the turkeys and handed out the candy while bluegrass music was playing.  Fun times. The day after Halloween Jacob was asked to a girls choice dance.  He asked me to answer for him by doing a singing telegram.  Here it is

Cathi loved it.  She didn't think I would be able to act that well.  Guess I'm a redneck at heart.