Friday, December 1, 2017

Venting: Company wide spam

Don't read this if you think it's a positive vibed post.  It's not.

If google search has any merit at all and someone does a search for the following terms:

  • Company-wide email etiquette
  • Business email policy
  • Sending email to everyone in the company
  • and any other, what should be, no-brainer type of ideas regarding sending internal spam to other employees.....

There's no bloody way, unless you're in a startup with 12 people, that you know every single person.  So don't send company-wide emails that aren't business related!  Subjects such as:

  • I'm leaving the company, and it's been such a great time. I'll miss you.  BULLCRAP!
  • My daughter is selling girl scout cookies.  She'd love to have your support.  EVEN BIGGER BULLCRAP!
  • "Free hugs" - just because someone left their laptop unlocked and stepped away doesn't give you the right to send an email to the whole company.  If you think you're doing someone a favor, you're not. YOU SHOULD BE FIRED.
  • Many other topics, some of which are actual business-related emails.  Don't send an email to the entire company. Use Chatter, hangout groups, etc. Broad emails should be rare and not a common occurance.  It's bad enough when VPs and 'C' violate company-wide email etiquette, but then I have to get a "goodbye" email from someone I've never met or heard of in my entire life.  Knock it off damn it!

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Eric said...

This includes the people who reply-all to those emails!