Thursday, October 25, 2007

The problem with breathing - most likely dust mite poo

Back when I saw the allergist he said that I should replace my pillow something like twice a year, and wash my sheets and pillow case every week using hot water and get a pillow case that is hypo-allergenic. I haven't kept that advice very well and I think that I may be suffering as a result.

For the past several months I have had chronic nasal congestion. Sometimes so bad that it affects my sleep (as it did today - causing me to not be able to go back to bed after 3:50 am and went to work to do some research and then get started on the day). Its time for some action! I'm so fed up that I want to get a new mattress. But that won't be cheap. So I think there are many other things I can do to cut the problem down....

Here are a couple of informative sites that may help to understand and control dust mites population:

But this site was the best:

Our new washing machine comes today. Since its a front loader it will use less water, so I'm gonna ask Cathi to make sure to wash the sheets, and pillow cases in the hottest water setting available. Our hot water heater is already set to a pretty high temperature. I'm going to replace my pillow on the way home and pick up a new mattress cover and pillow case cover that is dust mite proof.

Then when our tax rebate comes in next year, I'm going to replace the mattress. I'm sure that it has millions of mites inside. We bought it used from somebody's garage many years ago. Thinking about that makes me want to puke! Can't wait for a new one!

If you aren't green by now, check out this video and then go clean your bed and change your sheets and pillow!

Near the end when they show "Jane Doe"'s darkened face in her ritzy home with the pool in the background getting cleaned who is horrified that she has an "infestation" really makes me laugh. Problem is they didn't slow down her voice and I now know who it is!

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Janae and Travis said...

Now I want a new mattress. That is gross.