Friday, October 5, 2007

US Dollar

This last week I bought an online gift card for an Australian friend. I was originally thinking I could get a big gift since the exchange rate from what I remembered from our October 2001 trip was 1 to 2. For every USD I could get 2 AUD. Well, wishful thinking! It was almost even yesterday. 1:1.12

I thought to myself "Was it really 1 to 2 back then?" So I checked it here. Sure enough it was more than 1 to 2 on October 1st, 2001. It has plummeted since then, and quite a bit this year.

I certainly am not an economist and don't really know the real impacts of the dollar rate in relation to the economy. But I'm not pleased that my dollar doesn't stand up very well like it used to. From the little research I have done. I've seen that the dollar was overpriced in the past and that was a bad thing for some. Check this out.

For me, I like when the dollar is high. I can buy more outside the USA with my dollar when it is high. I don't like the idea that Canada has a stronger dollar than the US. I also realize that the President has very little to do with the value of the dollar. But I need to have someone to blame. I can't stand Pres. Bush and can't wait for that guy to leave office. According to this article there is a strange correlation to President Bush's approval and the value of the dollar. So if that's true and I want a stronger dollar I better say nice things about the doof, I mean Mr. President, your honor, sir.


Nobody said...

Are you saying that the Euro is pumped up on steroids?

Gords said...

No - just that it's sad to be the superpower of the world militarily, but the nerdy pushover economically.

Nobody said...

At least the exchange rate with the peso is still 1:10.8! You can still go buy all the cheap goods there.

Gords said...

Haha. Pinatas anyone?