Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Singles 2nd Ward

I preordered the Singles 2nd Ward and it came yesterday. After my swim with Cathi and Jacob I popped the movie in and and watched it with Austin and Jacob.
I expected it to be as silly and stupid as other of Kurt Hale's other films. This wasn't his best movie. Church Ball is his worst in my opinion. This one was just above that. At least I didn't fall asleep even though it was almost midnight.

Admittedly I did laugh probably 12 times (which is about double what I did with Church Ball). I thought Kirby Heyborne and Will Swenson did a good job acting and it seemed natural. The main actress didn't do so well. She's pretty, but her acting wasn't as good. One thing that has got to go....Private dialog between the main character and the viewer. That is so lame.

So I wouldn't suggest buying this movie. If you want to borrow it and watch it for free, that would be more appropriate. Kurt Hale's style has got to change. I'm done buying his movies cause they're all the same.

However I will definitely give Pirates of the Great Salt Lake a chance when it comes out on DVD. That one looks promising and it is written and directed by a newbie which is refreshing!

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