Sunday, December 2, 2007

It is done

************ W A R N I N G ************ Contains Graphic material

Went in on Friday for my "procedure" and it was worse than I thought it was gonna be. He gave me two shots of local anesthetic and immediately went to work. One of the shots wasn't very effective as I felt an intense sting and pressure as he was cutting away at my left vas deferens. The second side was fine, but it felt like he was digging around trying to find it and none too gently.

Cathi was right there a couple feet from the doctor sitting down watching everything he was doing. I wasn't in pain, but not really enjoying the moment to joke around. I was going to joke around and say "Hey Cath, it feels like my 'inards' are on my 'outards'!" Overall it was only about 20 minutes or so and afterwards was feeling fine. It took a couple of days to get past the point of needing ice or ibuprofen. Feeling fine now, just need to keep my guys close and tucked in nicely. Still black and blue though. Should be good enough to swim tomorrow.

We had a great time at the cabin. We played lots of games and watched a bunch of movies and it snowed about 6 inches. Enough to make me worry about getting out even with snow tires. But we got out just fine.


Eric said...

Thanks, Gordon, for the details about your "Procedure." Just what I wanted to read this morning! Sounds like fun.

Gords said...


Andrew said...

Ah ha! So that's why you weren't at work. You weren't "sick", you were having a voluntary procedure. Should that count as paid time off? :-)