Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Snow cave in about 5 winters

The last time I build a snow cave was in Fruit Heights probably in 2003. Yesterday we got dumped on. I couldn't get the snow blower to start and I ran out of starting fluid. Cathi took the kids to school and said the roads were a nightmare. She was talking with people who were saying that traffic on I-15 was terrible. So I called work to see if I could work from home. I will probably work 4 hours and then put in some major time tomorrow to make up for it.

So later in the day after the kids were home from school Jacob and I went to work building up his mound of snow that he has over the past few storm accumulated. We probably doubled the size of his mound and started hollowing it out. We got it big enough in there to fit a double size air mattress. I asked Jacob if he wanted to sleep out there and he felt adventerous and agreed. Only problem is the air mattress has a slow leak. I didn't remember how fast the leak was.

We went swimming and rushed to get the air mattress filled up and the large green sleeping bag arranged on top of it. By the time we went down for the night it was 11:00 pm. I slept pretty soundly and warmly until about 1:15 where I felt the air mattress only had about 1/4 capacity and parts of my body were touching the ice beneath us. Jacob was no longer the little heater and I knew that if we stayed out the whole night it would be miserable since the air beneath us was gone. The sleeping bag wasn't rated, just a thick cloth bag. So we went in at 1:30 am. Slept good the rest of the night inside. Would have been fun and warm had the mattress held out.

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Anonymous said...

Tha is so fun Gordon! I remember growing up making snow Igloo's and sleeping in them at 648. Making them was almost as fun as the excitement in sleeping in them. Hopefully you get another chance this year to do it again. Elayna :)