Monday, January 28, 2008


I've been giving my second son quite a bit of thought lately. Jacob is a very enjoyable person to be around. He has a tendency to be over energetic, but when he has taken his medicine in the morning it really calms him down without completely robbing him of his energy and quick wit.

The other day when Lucy was playing around pretending a toy bucket was a wheelchair, Jacob said, "When I'm in a wheelchair, don't feel sorry for me!" A couple years ago we made a visit up to Pocatello and he spent a majority of the time in Grandpa Richins' wheelchair driving throughout the house having a great time. He is an optimist, creative and hardworking. That's a great formula for a successful person.

Cathi took this picture of Jacob saying goodbye to Gransie at her funeral. What a precious little boy.

Yesterday was his first day ever skiing. His fourth grade class went up to Powder Mountain to ski and he had a blast. When he took off his boots ice and snow came out. I wish I could have seen him shread up that hill.

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