Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quality Appliance Service definitely NOT living up to their name

A month ago we had a problem with our Whirlpool in wall oven. I looked in the phone book and found a full page ad from Quality Appliance Service. They sent a guy out who took things apart and claimed that somebody had "hacked" the oven. He found a problem with the thermostat and said it would cost $200 to fix. We ordered the part and when he came back then said it was a bigger problem than that and that it would cost in the neighborhood of $700 more to fix.

To be fair, he worked hard and was visibly frustrated with the situation. He pulled all of the framing around the oven off and put it in the next room. We decided to get a second opinion before throwing out another $700. So we called another company. They came out and quoted $300. We went with that company.

The ovens now work, but apparently the repair guy from Quality Appliance Service had torn the framing apart so much that the ovens are falling from within the wall. Cathi called to see if they send him back out to put it back together, but they refused. The call got quite heated and Cathi is left pretty flustered.

If you need appliance repair done in Davis County, please avoid Quality Appliance Service for oven repair because our experience was that it was NOT quality and it was highly overpriced!

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