Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Terrifying dreams of Death

Last night I had quite a long terrifying dream which seemed so real. If you have any thoughts or possible interpretations, please comment! I'm open to accept your ideas.

It had been a week of storms in Salt Lake and it was flooding all of downtown. It was to the point where you couldn't drive anymore. I swam over to the Church Office Building downtown figuring it was the tallest building in Salt Lake City. (Why didn't I just swim over to City Creek Canyon to dry land?)

I was on the 26th floor and 50 foot waves were crashing into the building and the whole thing rumbled. I looked over the edge and didn't see roads or even smaller buildings. They were completely underwater. The water kept rising and the waves that were crashing into the building were now seen at the edge at the top, much like this picture. I went in the lobby and someone was watching the local news which said that all of the valley was underwater and thousands were dead. The phone lines were down and I was unable to find out the status of Cathi and the kids.

I was fearful they might have drowned. I prayed, but I felt as if God was angry and we were being punished and that I would soon drown. As the waves started splashing over the top of the plexiglass, I went inside and went up the two more levels to level 28 where the Church Security Department is. We talked about our options, and they didn't really have any. Then I heard the sound of steel breaking and stretching as the building slowly was tipping sideways.

Before the building completely tipped over I woke up. Man! What is up with that dream? That was a bad one! Lately my dreams have been very vivid!

The night before I dreamt I was a lifeguard at a beach area. I was really hungry so I went up the trail to the lifeguard house to get something to eat (which was against the rules for when you were on duty). After my meal and on my way down the trail to the beach, someone was frantically running up the trail screaming, "Help! Help! Someone has just drowned down at the dock." My heart sank knowing that I should have been there. I was fired, convicted of involuntary manslaughter, spent 2 years in prison, and then sued by the family of the dead kid. Woke up in a cold sweat.

Why the sudden recurrence of death dreams lately? I had another death dream before the lifeguard one, but I forgot it and didn't log it.


DD said...

Holy Cow, Gords! I have had an almost same dream of dying and it was SOO real. I still shudder thinking of it.
I was in a coastal area (Hawaii, perhaps) touring--perhaps my family was there, but my mind left them out of the dream, thankfully. I was in a museum or some public building right there on the waters-edge. All of a sudden there was an earthquake and then next big waves coming successively unto the shore. Soon, they were slamming into the building and then tidal waves were coming entirely on top of the bldg.
This happened all so fast in the dream and for some reason, all in the building were locked and trapped in the bldg. The bldg started to flood and I had to tread water. Then through the bldg windows, I see another gigantic tidal wave make its way to us and I knew that this was it--I was going to, um, perish. I started saying a prayer asking for my imminent death to be quick and for some angelic or spiritual assistance in that frantic time. Water is gushing more and more into the bldg and becomes completely full. My last breath was as huge as I could make it, and I held my breath under water as long as I could. I remember looking around, and then my body forced me to take a breath of water.
Instantaneously, as I took the breath of water, my mind finally woke up and my heart was racing. I was so freaked out. That was the worst dream I ever had--I won't forget it.
This was about 2 months ago. I am now so scared of dying!
Are our dreams revelations of upcoming disasters? Or are you and I just really stressed?
*sigh* DD

Gords said...

Wow - you actually got to the brink of drowning? That's impressive. I'm too wimpy to go that far. My mind chickens out way before that point.

In my opinion, it's doubtful that it's more than random electrical firings in the brain or that it has any association to real life. Sure is entertaining (good or bad) though.

Heather said...

Okay, you asked. I love decifering dreams. They are definitely more that random electrical firings. I know this post is a little dated so maybe this won't apply anymore but here you go. First of all, no one can tell you what your dreams me. Only you really know but other interpretations sometimes get things going.
First, storms. Rain can symbolize emotions or mental turmoil. Think about what a week of that may symbolize. Perhaps you feel there is too much to handle and it may drown out family (??) Church Office first thought was that you are turning to where true healing happens but there is a different component to it. An office building involves planning, accountability, management, you know...the nitty gritty of making things work. Do you feel like your emotions are flooding into this and it may be the death of you?
Now for the lifeguard dream. Very interesting symbols in this one. The beach can be a place where emotions/spirituality (sea) and material facts (land) meet. Do you feel like you are too casual about being "there"? Maybe it's a warning dream that major consequences will occur if you don't take it seriously.
So there you go. Maybe none of it fits. How's that getting a dream interpretation from a complete stranger? We used to live in Layton. We were at least neighbors once.