Sunday, January 11, 2009

Babies always want to play!

Last week our kitchen faucet which was leaking finally broke so we had to replace it. Usually those tasks really try me. I have to make sure the kids are around otherwise I'm spewing profanity like a sailor. I not only had the kids around, but Cathi too. She was laughing at me when Oliver would pound on me and try to wrestle with me while I'm trying to install the new faucet.

I was laughing too cause he was having such fun pounding on me without any retaliation. I was too busy getting the bottom of the faucet screwed in. I pretended to be really angry and yell out "You little stink! You stop hitting me right now!" He was loving it.

I'm also pleased to say that the makers of faucets have made installation much easier. I had completely removed and replaced the faucet within 30 minutes or so and had kept the spirit in our home too! Hallelujah!

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