Friday, January 9, 2009

I believe I voted correctly

I'm proud to admit that I voted for Obama. There's no argument that he's a much better speaker than President Bush. Poor Dave Letterman is gonna have a hard time I think coming up with "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" once Obama takes office.

But I also voted for President Bush for his first term. And boy that was a mistake! I didn't make the same mistake for his second term but alot of other people did. I really hope Mr. Obama is able to be successful in making America better and not create some historically massive problems for our country.

I was just watching his announcement of his Intelligence staff and he sure makes me glad we have him going in to office. I hope he makes a difference and is able to turn things around for America.


Bhatch said...

Everybody's human.
: )

Gords said...

Good one D. Yeah - I think there will still be some good content. Maybe my perception of Bush is a little tainted thinking of him as a dumb Texan cowboy. For me he isn't able to talk his way out of that perception.

Bush probably gets less sleep than Obama and that could explain it. Even on my best day, I'd be a worse speaker on Bush's bad day so I shouldn't be really talking.

Eric said...

Funny, I was just coming to post that exact video. I don't think any person, even Obama, can escape ridicule.

I too, hope that Obama is successful, but to be honest, I'm not terribly optimistic that he will. Only time will tell.