Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newgy is a customer oriented company

I called Newgy today about getting a new Connector cable for my Newgy RoboPong 2040. The speed motor isn't working and I thought I'd try just replacing the cable to see if that fixes it. Otherwise I'll get the control box repaired.

I called Newgy and talked to Dana and explained my situation. She said, "Let's get this issue taken care of and if Drew or Roger (who are the techs) decide to try a new cable have them fax me the order and I'll take care of it."

Roger said to try the cable. But his suggestion was better, he said to go to Radio Shack and take the cable in to get a match and try it. If it works, great, otherwise, just take the cable back. He said to send in the control box and he would fix it.

I wasn't on hold more than 30 seconds and they weren't eager to get off the phone. They listened to my explanation without cutting me off and jumping to conclusions which is what I seem to get from other companies that I call for issues. I'm satisfied with Newgy's customer service.

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