Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sam turns Four

This morning I got up to swim and went to say goodbye to Cathi and saw Sam sleeping so soundly next to her. Then I realized, it's his birthday today! So I changed back out of my swimsuit and got ready for work. Then I woke him up got him dressed and we went to IHOP!
That kid was all smiles this morning. He had a silver five breakfast and got to pick out a toy from the front. (Those IHOP people sure are smart money makers) He chose a snake and had fun getting it to sneak up on me and bite me. He sure had a good morning and was very happy.

Whenever I'd ask him how old he was he wouldn't even think long. He's just say "8!" Wow, he must be excited to turn eight. We practiced the correct answer when he was asked, "4". By the time I got home he had learned the correct answer to that question.

He's very excited about tomorrow too. We're going camping for three days and two nights up in Albion. Tonight we have a big party for him. I love that boy. He's such a loving chunky kid.

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