Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lucy's 9th Birthday

Lucy turns 9 next week, but Austin and I will be up at Scout Camp so today we're celebrating her birthday. This morning I got up and took her to IHOP and she ordered some Strawberry pancakes. She's such a little eater. She could barely eat half. Afterwards she picked out a toy up front and got a cow bank. When you put a coin in the top it would Moo. She loved it. I let her take all the coins out of my car and put them in and it was mooing the whole way home.

I love Lucy cause she is so obedient. When I ask her to do something she typically just says "Yes Sir." and does it. Occasionally she complains, but for the most part she just does it without any attitude. Sometimes I'm afraid she doesn't see me as a Dad, but as a drill sergeant. One day she kept calling me "Sir". She would start a question with, "Sir?" After about half a dozen times of her calling me that, I would remind her, "I'm your Dad, you can call me Dad". Makes me think sometimes I'm a little harsh with these kids and need to tone down the ordering.

I'm glad I got at least one girl. Lucy puts up with alot and can dish out the pain just as well as the other boys. On her Low Reunion Jersey her nickname on the back of her shirt says, "Outnumbered". That is true, but she is good about collecting supporters. She has her club which Isaac, Sam and Jonas all seem desperately to be a part of. That little collection of four can often times take on Austin and Jacob pretty well. And Oliver is a toss up between anyone who will give him attention. Jacob and Lucy do that quite well.

Happy Birthday Lucy - Your a wonderful daughter!

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