Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cathi - my eight cow wife

Today was our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I'll tell you what. I chose a winner. Cathi's best qualities include: She's outgoing and friendly. She's a great mom to our children. She's flexible and laid back. She's athletic and takes care of herself physically. She's close to the Lord and a great example to the whole family. She's loving to me and forgiving. I seriously couldn't have been more blessed with a perfect fit for me. We get along so great and I'm still very much in love with this foxy red head!

I thought this week what I could do that would be fun. So I thought I'd sell the very rare tu uefi shell that I found and buy (make) a golden mirror. One carved with birds and flowers.

Here's a picture of her anniversary gift: a wooden bowl with eight cows and the golden mirror. The mirror was truly lined with gold and had birds and flowers on it. Very good looking.
Here's my eight cow wife and her golden mirror. Her gift to me was a wonderful poster full of pictures of our 15 years together. We've sure had a fun ride and am so grateful to have a happy marriage with these wonderful kids.

Now for your viewing pleasure, here is the original film of Johnny Lingo. The whole film is put into 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 can also be seen from youtube.

Cathi's favorite part: 4:55
Gords' favorite part: 7:35 - 7:46, 7:53 - 8:00, 8:16

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