Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm a thoughtful guy!

This morning Cathi was especially nice to me when I got up and she was just coming back from her run. She told me last night in her dream she was at a talent show singing a song.

When she started singing the first line, she realized that she was slaughtering the song and was starting to get nervous cause she knew it was sounding really bad. She said that I immediately jumped out of the seat in the front row at the auditorium. I ran up next to her and started singing with her. She said that the song went perfect after that. She felt more confident, we made great harmony and the crowd was on their feet at the end.

She thanked me. I saved my red-headed lover from ultimate talent show failure.

It's funny that Cathi's subconscious has more confidence in my singing and lyric memorization skills than is realistic.

I just called her from work to remind her about something and she thanked me again for helping her on the song. It was a dream! I'm sure glad I didn't have an affair in her dream. I'd really be in the doghouse.

In reality I most likely would have let her crash and burn alone rather than drag my sorry butt into it. I mean if I truly had those skills, I would have helped out. But in reality it would have been a two man disaster.

Also in reality, Cathi has a great voice and her enthusiasm is entertaining all by itself. An example of that is her Christmas concert she did at a rest home a couple years back. Click on the pic below for the video:
From Family Videos

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