Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Gridleys

We wish you and your family a merry Christmas. Some highlights this year in our family:
  • Gordon
    • Making good progress on his English Channel swim training for 2012. Up to 12.5 miles. (over 6 hours of swimming)

    • Still enjoying working with the Scouts.

    • Established an egg production enterprise for our home. 5 egg laying hens in their own coop in the back yard.

  • Cathi
    • Ran the Boston Marathon last spring. What a fun trip that was!

    • Completed her 13th marathon this year (26 total), with two of those being Boston Qualifying time marathons.

    • Now is serving in her favorite calling so far - Primary Music Chorister.

  • Austin
    • Is still improving in Table Tennis and won the gold medal in the Class A division at the 2009 Utah Summer Games. Also gold in the 17 & under division.

    • Busy with Deacons and scouts and earned his Life Rank. Now for the Eagle project!

  • Jacob
    • Ran in two half-marathons this year and plans to run a marathon next year.

    • Is doing very well in scouts and is very close to completing his First Class.

    • Learning how to play the Base.

  • Lucy
    • Preparing to participate in this summer’s Wizard of Oz/Wicked musical. She's a natural performer.

    • Enjoys her Activity Day events.

    • Started taking piano lessons and did fantastic in her Christmas recital.

  • Jonas
    • Quite a good reader in the 2nd grade.

    • Such a loving and kind big brother to his 3 younger brothers.

  • Isaac
    • Very energetic and loves being in kindergarten.

    • Tall for his age, Jonas and Isaac were on the same soccer team this fall and everyone thought they were twins.

    • A whiz on the computer, and a two-time farkle tournament champion.

  • Sam
    • Just watch, this boy is going to be a football star. He's a tank. He’s only five pounds away from both Isaac and Jonas.

    • Very smart boy, he loves "school". He meets twice a week for playgroup where they learn stuff and have fun.

  • Oliver
    • Loves playing with his hair, mom's hair. He loves hair.

    • Learning to talk so well, it’s funny all the new phrases he’s picked up. (And some other ones that aren’t so funny)


Lynnette McConkie said...

Merry Christmas to the whole Gridley family! It is so fun to read how everyone is doing! Sure miss you guys!
Love, The Bryce McConkies

Anonymous said...

We sure enjoyed reading about your most recent activities and goals. It will be fun to be with you the day after Christmas. Then--off on the exciting cruise!!! We sure love each of you and hope you have a joyous Christmas and a blessed 2010. Love, Grandpa and Grandma Gridley

tmxsyl said...

You have a wonderful family and beautiful kids! Wishing you and your family Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and wonderful 2010.