Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Helen's going for a record

The kids were excited when I walked in the door. They had to show me the XXXL egg that Big Helen laid today. Woah, now that's ginormous (for a chicken egg).

This week one of the chickens disappeared, which is really strange because they stay in the coop the whole time. There were no signs of Annabel going on a rampage, and there were no tracks in the snow. So now we only have four chickens.

I will be placing an order soon to get some chicks in the spring. Anyhow, the kids have had fun with egg collecting every day.


Leslie said...

Hey - I was coming over here to your blog today to request that you post something, and ...what a coincidence...this chicken egg post goes right along with what I was going to say!
I've been getting many compliments on what a fat baby I have (she's 20 pounds and not even 6 months old yet). BUT I have been told over and over by many relatives that she is not the fattest baby they've ever seen. Everyone says that Gordon Gridley was by far the chubbiest baby they have EVER seen in their life. I'm dying of curiosity now! Can you post a baby picture!??? :)

Gords said...

Wow, I'm not sure if that's a reputation to be proud of. Anyhow, the next post has what you're looking for.