Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My top ten most embarrasing moments in my life

10. Getting busted for having "Smurf Village" on my ipod - During a meeting, James MacDonald looked over at my ipod which was just sitting at my desk and noticed the big splash screen for "Smurf Village".  He didn't say anything, but moved closer and was staring at it and he was obviously very curious.  I wasn't playing it, but it was the last app I had up when I came in the office.  He said after the meeting that he loved the smurfs as a kid and wanted to download it on his iPhone.  But the damage was done and I was red as a beet.  Guys don't play with Smurfs.  This is a great topic of humor within the Gridley house.  The funny thing is, after the meeting he went to the bathroom, and about 15 minutes later comes back, taps me on the shoulder and says, "I'm at level 3!"

9. "He called me a name!" - Making a big deal about a coworker comment that was just a misunderstanding - Craig Butts discussing with Debi Fluckiger at his desk about rejected CCN's. I heard my name and got deeply offended. Complained to my manager who found out it was a misunderstanding and I just overreacted.

8. Depeche Mode concert disaster - took Cathi to a Depeche Mode Concert that failed miserably.

7. False Start - My senior year of High School swimming I was on the blocks for swimming a 500 free at the State Championship meet at BYU. I false started and there is no second chance when you false start, so I was disqualified. That was a major disappointment and so embarrassing!

6. Fly Down - I once went to a High School Prom dance with Patrice Bolyard. I excused myself to use the bathroom, and after a few dances afterwards realized I left my fly down. Wondered the rest of the night how many people noticed and laughed at this doofus.

5. Locked into peddles - my first time riding my triathlon bike to work. I came to a stop sign, had clipped out of my peddles and then rested my foot back down thinking that I had to clip in, but just resting on the peddle actually clips you in. Well I came to a stop and couldn't pull my leg back up off the clip and just fell on my side. A school bus full of kids were right there and the whole bus looked to the right and laughed at me as I struggled to get unclipped on my side with my right knee bleeding and my face all red.

4. AI - as in the crappy movie by Steven Spielberg. In 2001, I was excited about this movie's potential and asked my in laws to go. This was a terrible movie with alot of inappropriate sexually suggestive stuff. Cathi and my Mother In Law walked out. To this day it's an extended family joke that I thought AI was such a great show.

3. Getting caught with my pants down - I was upstairs in my bedroom preparing to take a shower. I was fully in the buff, with my bedroom doors open, when Lucy's new friend comes upstairs looking for Lucy. She got more than she wanted to see at the Gridley house that day. That friend has never attempted calling Lucy again. We now have a family rule that no friends are allowed upstairs (where there isn't anything except bedrooms).

2. Sleeping on the job - When I was working graveyard shift for the Church, I finished my rounds in the South Visitors Center on Temple square (about 4am), I sat down on a couch in the dimly lit basement and stretched my legs out. Next thing I heard some alarm in my ear-piece going off along with a voice "Gordon! Gordon!". The shift manager was right there shaking me trying to wake me up. I was in a DEEP SLEEP. I was so freaked out that I actually pissed myself a little. I was nearly fired. I was put on probation and everyone in the department now had looked at me with "SLACKER" written all over my forehead. Because my services were needed checking people into an event starting at 6am, there was a line building and quite a hold up. This was probably the worst day of my life.

1. Putting my foot in my mouth - When I was in the 8th grade, my new best friend was Mike Phillips. We were standing in line at lunch when one of the new lunchroom assistants came up to Mike and was hassling him about something needlessly. I whispered to Mike, "What a bitch!". After getting our lunch and sitting with our group of friends, someone mentioned to Mike, "Hey Mike, how is it having your mother as one of the assistants?". Oh man, what an idiot I am! I asked him, "Mike is that your Mom?" "Yeah, you didn't know?", "No.". That friendship never blossomed as to this day I still feel a little guilty over that stupid comment.

Do you dare post your top ten most embarrassing moments?


Elayna said...

Wow Gord. I enjoyed myself reading your embarassing moments. I am not brave enough to post mine, I will be trying for the next while to think of them though.

Ryan Gubler said...

Hahaha! So honest Gordon. I don't have the mental capacity to ponder all the stupid things I have done in life. I am not saying I am stupid, I am just saying I have done a lot of stupid things. Wait a minute...

One particular thing that just killed me as a kid was when Ms. Webster pinned a note to kid's backs to let parents know they were being bad. I always thought, man these kids are idiots! Why would you ever let her pin a disciplinary (I don't think I used that word as a kid) note to your back and then walk all the way home with it still on.

One day I finally got in trouble and she grabbed me right as I was about to walk out the door. Pinned a note to my back and then pinched my neck skin, man I hated that. I thought, "The second I am out the door the note is coming off".

I think I walked out the door and noticed some kids playing and I went and played with them. I completely forgot about the note and walked all the way home, with a piece of paper blowing in the wind behind me the whole time.

My mom said, "What is on the back of your shirt?". Doh!

I still can't believe I was dumb enough to hand deliver my own death sentence.

Gords said...

Thanks for sharing Ryan, that's hilarious! You naughty kindergartener!